Give love on Christmas day

This is the words that I keep on hearing lately.  A simple sentence but very meaningful to us if we are to dig what this sentence is all about and how does it affect us.  I was walking on the sidewalk two weeks and saw people busy buying gifts for their loved ones, eating outside with their loved ones, and enjoying the day at the park.  This is how they show loves to their loved ones.  I am touch by the thoughts that these people are giving time to spend time with their families and loved ones.  But, what touches me the most are those less fortunate ones on the street, asking foods and money.  Seeing them, makes me realized how blessed I am Lord.  Thank you for the blessing and for giving me, my family.

To me, those less fortunate ones are the ones who need more love and caring.  Their life is so hard and difficult, and they could have a chance, I am pretty sure they would want to change their life to make it better.  Give their family and child a decent life.  But life is so difficult for them.  Each of us has the different life story, I pray that one day their life would get better.  If I have the chance and wealth, I would probably share with them what I have.  These less fortunate once are the ones who need more love this Christmas day.

If you happened to read this post, How would you give love on Christmas day?

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What Criminal Statistics Can And Can’t Tell You

Criminal justice researchers are just one of many people who have an interest in crime statistics. A West LA crime report doesn’t just document the hard work of law enforcement officials, but the many agencies and individuals who have an interest in what is causing the crime reports to read the way they do. Statistics themselves aren’t just numbers. They reveal a trend of human behavior that many hope has a solution.

Violent crime is of particular interest to researchers, advocates, and law enforcement officials, as well as the legislators who make the laws themselves. When someone reads a crime report, what they’re getting is raw data that reveals a trend of human behavior. Violent crime affects the lives of many millions of people in each state. If the numbers can be deciphered and trends recognized, it’s possible to change those things that are causing the violent crime to take place.

These reports are used to allocate resources so that crime trends can be stopped before they become an epidemic. If someone notices a spike in shootings, they don’t just take that data at its word and assume that this is the way it should be. They attempt to discover WHY there is a spike in violent shootings and then question how law enforcement and legislators can work together to reduce the number of shootings in a given area. If poverty, for example, is thought to be a trend or it’s seen that people who live in poverty commit more shootings, then legislators might work to allocate more resources to those neighborhoods where there is a spike in shooting. They may send advocates and social workers to help the people there have more resources so that they don’t feel so threatened on a daily basis. More law enforcement personnel may get involved in areas like this and try to directly intervene so that fewer shootings happen.

These are the ways that crime reports are used. Ultimately, the purpose of a crime report is to tell legislators, advocates, social workers, and individuals the trend of crime in the area so that they can make the necessary changes to these environments and ultimately reduce the number of crimes committed. There is always more work to do in this area, as crime is pervasive in many different areas where reports are frequently printed out.

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Imposing a law in mental issue

I was listening to a local radio station this morning and their topic is all about teenager of who commits suicide after the heartbreak.  I wonder why they easily took their own life with the simple problem.  Yes, breaking up with someone we love dearly is so painful, but we must know that there are things that are not meant to be.  If we are in a relationship, we must know that this is just permanent.  Some things might happen along the way, and it is best to end it for the good of both parties.  In the situation like this, we must learn to accept the things that are not meant for us.  We may get depressed but if we learn to share and open it to the family, we will move on fast and go on with life.  Family intervention does help a lot especially to young ones who suffered heartaches at a young age.  And of course, prayer is the best medicine.

This issue is very alarming, that is why the city mayor is imposing a law on a mental issue.  This law will surely help to save the life of young ones who lost hope after the heartbreaks.  They need proper counseling for them to really understand this kind of issue and what is going on.  That they have better future ahead of them.  They need to realize that there is always the rainbow after the rain, and there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.  Life is so beautiful to end it.  Failure, heartaches, and sorrows are like spices of life.  They come and go to make us stronger, wiser and better person.  We just must continue moving and think of the family and the future.  And do not forget to pray and talk to God.   Hopefully, this mental health law will be passed.

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Car seat for your child

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Accidents do happen on the day that we less expected it.  That is why it is best for us to be ready always.  When you are driving your own car with your child on board, it is right to the car seat for them.  The car seat is needed to prevent the child from being hurt when car crash occurs.  Of course, we do not want an accident to happen, but as they say, prevention is better than cure, and that we should be ready always.  Is it better to be safe than sorry right?  The seatbelt is not enough to ensure the safety of the child on board.

We need to protect our family always especially the kids while on board.  We should know how to install the car seat.  Good thing the are there to help us.  Upon installing the car seats, they used the Latch System also, investigating the latch system to make sure it is properly installed.  You do not need to worry for they have certified child passenger technicians to help you out with the car seat checks.  We should think of the family especially the child safety first, and so car seat check is the first thing to do before hitting the road.  Also, for us to have a safe trip.

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The first Filipina to win the crown

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I became a fan of Teresita Ssen “Winwyn” Marquez the first time she joined beauty pageant in Binibining Pilipinas 2015. She is not that tall, but I can see her potential in representing the country in the international beauty pageant. Her beauty is typical Filipina that will surely stand out and she has the brain. Unfortunately, she was not able to win any title that time. I am sad for her for I know that she will make the country proud. I just thought that that was not her time shine. She can join again and prove her worth.

After two years, she joined again but this time, it is in Miss World Philippines 2017. She won the Reina Hispanoamericana Filipinas 2017, and she will be representing the country in Bolivia. It is the first time that the country will join this pageant, the first Filipina to compete in this prestigious beauty pageant in Latin America and the only Asian to compete.

Last, November 5, 2017 was the coronation night of Reina Hispanoamerican 2017 held in Sta. Cruz, Bolivia. I watched via live streaming even if I do not know what they are talking about.haha! The 27 candidates are all pretty and stunning but still rooting for the country’s very own Winwyn Marquez. I am pretty sure that she will bag the crown, she will bring home the first-ever crown for the country and she will surely make a history. True enough, she did win the pageant and won the first Reina Hispanoamericana crown for the country. She has proven her worth. Her dreams and determination helped her in winning the crown. I am the happiest fan I must say. Congratulations to Teresita Ssen “Winwyn”Marquez for winning the Reina Hispanoamericana 2017. You surely make the country proud.

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