Afraid to go to the center for free vaccination

Last month, there was a volunteer from the center roaming around the village for the free MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) Vaccine.  This is a vaccination to protect the children from three separate illnesses such as the measles, mumps, and rubella in a single injection.  And this is recommended for all children.  If you go to the private clinic this vaccination is a bit expensive, not all can afford especially to those belongs to the poverty line.  That is why this free vaccination is given to everyone, especially to less fortunate ones.  I went to the center and grabbed this free vaccination for my 1-year-old niece and 5 years old nephew.

However, because of the dengvaxia vaccine issue, some parents did not go and preferred to stay at home.  They are scared that something might bad happened to their children.  They thought that the free vaccination from the government is not safe and will kill and harm their children.  We can’t blame them because they just want the safety of their children.  I do hope that the government especially the city health will do something about it.  To let the parents know the importance of this vaccination to their kids.  And that this is a safety vaccination.  So that the parents will not be afraid to go to have free vaccination at the center.

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Registered for the school year 2018-2019

My nephew is five (5) years old now.  He is eligible to enroll in Kinder 2.  We want him to enroll in the school where his older brother is studying, but he must pass the entrance examinations.  It is a very nice school and the teaching is standard, that is why my sister (their mother) wants her sons to be in that school.  The problem is that the nephew is a shy type, seldom talking especially if he is not familiar with the person and too lazy to write.  Things that he needs to develop to be able to pass the entrance examination.

His scheduled examinations will be on March 5 and 10, 2018.  We still have time to teach him and have him practice writing his name.  We used all the motivation for him to have interest in writing and we bring him anywhere where he can meet new people and kids.  He is also scheduled for a tutorial for one week before the examinations.  We really wanted him to be in the school for it is the perfect school for him to develop more and learn more.  Also, we will pray to the Lord that the nephew will pass examinations.  Nothing is impossible with God so that we are asking His divine intervention on the day of the examinations.  Good luck nephew!

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Run for Marawi 2018

As we all know that the city of Marawi was damage because of the war against the Maute group.  Thank God, the war is over, and people are going back to their house (damaged house) and start anew with the help of the government, donations from people that wanted to help to make the city of Marawi and the people rise again.  It is not easy to those affected people, but with the help of those people with the good heart and the good heart of the President of the Philippines, I am pretty sure that Marawi will surely rise and become an improved city.

In our city, there is local radio channel that is having fun- raising, for the rehabilitation of the people of Marawi and to send humanitarian aid to the evacuees of Marawi Siege.  They call it, Run for Marawi.   It is a fun run this coming February 18, 2018.  The proceeds from this event will be for the city of Marawi and the people.  This is our chance to help our unfortunate countrymen who were affected by the war.  In our little way, we will be able to help them start anew and bring smiles to their faces with our help.  My brother, father, and niece will be supporting this event and will join the fun run to help.  I wanted to help too.  My brother will be going to the radio station one of these days to pay for the registration for the fun run.

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Common Health Problem

The organs in our body are very important.  That is why we have to take good care of it for if it is damaged, there is no replacement and no treatment.  And one important organ in our body that needs extra careful are the kidneys.  The kidneys played the very important role in our body.  It filters waste and extra water out of our body, regulates blood pressure and the likes.  These are the jobs that the kidneys in our body.  Unfortunately, we tend to forget, or people are not so aware of the importance of kidneys in our body that is why the common health problem of today is kidney malfunction/kidney trouble that leads to dialysis.  Two friends and one cousin of mine died because of kidney malfunction.

This kidney malfunction/trouble is a very scary problem/disease.  A doctor said, once you undergo dialysis, you are considered dead.  We get this problem/disease through our long-term bad habits and our lifestyle choices.  Meaning, we are the one who damages our kidneys.  It is not too late though, we can save our kidneys.  All we have to do is to cut our bad habits like, smoking, holding in your urine, avoid eating junk foods, eating salty foods, eating fast foods, not drinking enough water, too much alcohol consumptions, soft drinks, taking unprescribed medicines that will damage the kidneys and many others.  We should start living a healthy lifestyle for us to live healthy and longer.  As they say, health is wealth.  How can we be successful in life if our health and body are weak?

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Start the year right

I am not saying that my 2017 was not right, it’s jus that I am a little lazy when it comes to updating my blogs.  I do not have much time to sit and update my blogs because of the kids at home at keeps me busy.  I felt guilty for not giving much time with my blogs.  My laziness wins most of the time.  Argsh, my excuses.  I am lacking of time last year because I am taking care of my sister’s youngest.  I get too tired at night and opted to sleep that sit down and face my laptop.  Things that I do want to change this year.  I am crossing my fingers and hope to do this right.

Anyways, this year I wanted to start my year right.  I promise to give time in updating my blogs.  Write regularly to give my visitors something new to read about, (if I have a reader…haha!).  More research, and lots of reading to give more ideas on something that I write on my blogs.  I guess I have to buy new reading materials so I have references.  And will read what is the latest news so I will be more updates on current issues to give my opinions and ideas on here, positive views and opinions if possible. *whew!

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