The Blue Planet

I used to stay up late doing my stuffs online and watching drama online. It has been my routine when I am in front of my laptop already. But the other day I am up late watching a documentary show with my brother. It has been awhile since the last time I have watch documentary shows. The Blue Planet is the title of the featured documentary show. It is different from the usual I must say because most of the documentary shows I have watched are about poverty, family issues, politics, diseases and places. The blue planet is about the life in the deep blue sea. It shows kinds of fishes in the water. Shows how deep the sea/ocean is. Also, shows how water creatures survive and how are their lives in the deep-sea.

The video they took under the sea is really scary because it is so dark. It is amazing to see how these water creatures deceive their predator, they can also create light in the dark deep-sea and they can also create signs to tempt the victim. Some water creatures are really scary I must say. I am scared to go in the water and swim. Even though I do not know how to Makes me think, did these water creatures that are on the market and we served on our table eats human beings too? What do you think?

Anyways, it was a good decision to stay up late and watch documentary show because life under the sea is really amazing and interesting!

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