Documentary Show: Wanted President

National election in the country will be on May of this year.  Candidates are now starting their campaigns.  This is the time to choose new leaders of the country, new sets of public officials.  I have seen advertisements on televisions, radio, social media, fliers and many others.  Already heard some of their plans if they are elected and already shared what are they going to do to make in serving the country and the people and what they can do to improve the country’s economy.  Here comes the sweet words again from these politicians, but once elected they forgot what they promised.

Voting for the right leader/s is a very tough decision.  We should vote wisely and make sure that the leader we are voting will really make difference for the country and the people.  The people are so tired of these traditional politics.  Some are hungry for changes, some are tired and losing hopes.  The documentary show that I watched last night is very helpful in making decision of who is to vote as the next president of the country.  The show titled, Wanted President.  The hosts are interviewing the five candidates for the position of the President of the country.  It is really a nice show because they let people know what kind of person they are and what they can do for the country.  It is a worth to watch show I must say.  It is really a big help in decision of who I am going to vote.  I do not want to waste my vote, and I hope that one I am choosing is the one who will help and serve the country well.

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