Made the people scared

Few days ago, a bomb exploded in Davao City, during the night market at Roxas Avenue.  It was one scary night for the people who is at the area enjoying the services, foods, affordable RTW goods, and the likes.  The supposed to be a fun and relaxing night for the people of Davao turns into a nightmare.  There are 14 died and 70 wounded.  Some are still battling  for their lives till now at the hospital.  The family of the victims are in tears and their hearts are turned into pieces.  I really do not understand why some people are doing this to hurt other people.  I wonder what satisfaction can they get from doing this kind of crime.

The bombing incident last Friday makes the people of Davao scared.  Plus there are lots of bomb threat in schools, public markets, malls, parks, and churches.  People are avoiding the crowded area to be safe, and advice to stay at home for the mean time for their safety.  The investigation of the bombing incident is on going, hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this and arrested the responsible person/s doing the crime to give justice to all the victims.  I am praying this act of terrorism will stop to achieve peace for us to live in peaceful and harmonious life.   Instead of doing harm to others, I pray that God will touch the hearts of those heartless person so that LOVE and CARE for each other will prevail. Amen!

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Two malls were bombed

Bombing incidents are not new to us.  It is like becoming a habit to someone who loves to do harm to other people.  I do not really get what’s their point is.  It’s just so sad seeing those unfortunate victims.  Their lives are being snatched by inhuman doings.  Years back, I was once experienced bombing incident.  It was one of the scariest experiences I had in my life.  It was a nightmare so to speak.  So, when I heard bombing incidents it reminds me of my experienced and it scares me.  I was really a bad experienced that I want to forget.

Few nights ago, two big malls in the city were shaken my bomb.  It makes the people and the shoppers really scared.  Fortunately there were no lives taken.  Thanks God.  Some said that it was like a warning to the city Mayor that they can do harm in the city too.  These incidents affect the business and the city because people are afraid to go out anymore.  They prefer to stay at home to be safe.  When we went to the mall few days ago, there are sketch of the suspected bombers.  It really scares me.  I do hope that they be caught sooner.  So the people are no longer scared to go out.

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The killer stray bullet

New Year is supposed to be a very happy celebration with the family as we are welcoming another year of life.  However, there are unfortunate ones who celebrate this day with tears and anger.  These are the people who were hit by killer stray bullet.  This is not a new to us because this has happened each year as we are celebrating Christmas and New Year.  I do not understand why there are people who fire their gun during these times.  Are they insensitive enough or does not have any conscience at all.  I think these people do not think righteously.  They are the kind of people who does not care enough whoever may hit after they are firing their gun.

I am sad after seeing in the news the victims of the killer stray bullet that took the lives of the innocent victims.  The worse is that, the victims are young ones.  I wonder what satisfaction they can get after firing their gun.  Seeing the family of the victims made me cry.  Their New Year was a painful day to them.  They welcome the New Year with tears because one of their family members died.  Their hopes and dreams are gone because of the sudden thing happens.  The sad truth is that the responsible person is nowhere to be found.  It would be difficult for them to seek justice, but they are praying that the responsible one will surrender or get caught soon.  May the victims will rest in peace.

I do hope that the gun owner will be a responsible person.  Also, they won’t do such thing like other does that caused the death of innocent person.

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Old clothes for the victims

Yesterday, there was a huge fire incident here in the city that is so alarming.  The area where the fire started is not accessible because it is located near the river that fire fighters find it hard to get it.  The truck is big enough for the small way.   It is alarming because if the fire is out of control, there are schools and hotel that may be affected.  The fire lasted for more than three hours and sad to say almost all of the houses were burned.  Because the city fire fighters ability, they are able to control the fire.  Seeing the victims will definitely breaks my heart. Smiley  It is so sudden and everybody was shocked when they found out especially those who are workers.  How unfortunate the victims were because it happens now that Christmas is fast approaching.

The city is doing their best to help all the fire victims.  For the meantime, the victims will stay in the Gym and in schools for them to have a place to stay while the city is generating the help for them to start again.  Encouraging the people of Davao to give donations in cash and in kind.  Extending help and share our blessings are much-needed by the fire victims.  The sister and I are thinking of giving away our old clothes to help the victims.  It is not big but at least we are able to help them in times like this.Smiley Let’s give love in this season of love and let the victims feel that they are still blessed despite of what had happen.  The victims are still blessed because they are still alive and that is the most important of all. Smiley

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Hope we learn

The country is always hit by typhoons and super typhoons each year.  People have been experiencing flooding, lost of homes, other properties and lives.  The same old story peoples are experiencing.  But seems like we never learn for this distraction happens over and over again.  Makes me realize if we ever learned from those passed calamities.  After the typhoon is gone, people will built the same kind of house in the same area.  If they only have a choice they will prefer to build a house in a safe place or built a strong and safe house.

It is so sad how much distraction did the two typhoons hit the country a week ago.  It breaks my heart seeing the situation of the survivors and victims on the news.  They need more help of medicines because many are sick in the evacuation area especially kids.   I wish the government will give some time to do their best to be of big help to the victims.  This is the best time to show that they care to those people who voted for them and give their trust to them.  The country is never learn from the previous distraction caused by typhoon.

I really do hope the citizen of this country learned from this for us to do something about prevention and lessen the distraction.  The government should make an action for the people to follow.

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