Hope it will be over soon

The country is now facing problem (civilian war) in some area in Mindanao.  It is so sudden that makes the people shocked especially the affected area.  Lots of civilians are wounded, died and some are hostage.  It is really sad knowing that these people are living in one country but has different views and understanding when it comes to the rules/law in the government.  The party who starts the chaos wants to be recognized and wants to put up their own government separate from the current government.  This is not possible that is why their wish was not granted that makes them angry and starts a war.

I do hope that this will be over soon because it is really sad to see the people and the victims in this area crying and scared.  I pray that they will do peace talks so the issue/problem will be resolve soon.  This is not an easy task to do I must say knowing the people who are against the government is determined to get what they wanted.  But nothing is impossible with God so we have to pray and ask for God’s grace and mercy that He will touch the hearts of these people to make and spread love with each other instead of war.

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God bless their hearts

The country once again hit by another typhoon names ‘Maring’.  Due to too much rain, some part of the country especially the northern part was flooded up to now.  It will break my heart seeing my countrymen struggling to save their lives, family and their stuffs.  The typhoon leaves a devastating result.  Thousands of families are now staying in evacuation area for their houses was flooded.  Despite what happened, they still feel blessed because their alive and their families are fine.  They still manage to smile because they are safe.  To them, life is more important above anything else.

Relief goods are given away, some are giving foods for the victims, media, celebrities, politicians, and those who have good hearts that is willing to share their blessings.  God bless their the hearts of those individual who gives time, money, foods and other goods to the victims of flood cause by typhoon ‘Maring’.  I do pray that the flood will be over so the victims can go back to their houses and start cleaning.  It is sad truth but life is like that.  We may experience a very difficult situation but the show must go on.  We must continue living.  God will always there for us.

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