Moving to nearby cities and other provinces

Because of the bad memories that the people in affected areas of the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan –international name), some people/residents have decided to leave their land and move to nearest city and other provinces.  To them, there is no reason to stay there since their houses was swept away and eaten by the super typhoon.  They only have bad memories and it will be so difficult for them to move on.  It is not easy to live the place where they grow up, but they do not have any choice.  They wish to survive that is why they decided to continue their lives in other place/s of the country.

Though some have decided to stay and continue their lives.  It would be a big struggle to bounce back but with their determination and their family I am pretty sure they will.  It will take a lot of time, efforts and patience I must say.  But knowing the attitude of my countrymen, I am sure they will make it in the future.  Their attitude of not giving up will help them to bounce back.  And to those who decided to leave the town and move to other place, I wish they will be able to move on too and bounce back from the disaster.  After all, life must continue, no matter how hard it is.  Keep moving, move forward and hope for the best my countrymen.

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God bless their hearts

The country once again hit by another typhoon names ‘Maring’.  Due to too much rain, some part of the country especially the northern part was flooded up to now.  It will break my heart seeing my countrymen struggling to save their lives, family and their stuffs.  The typhoon leaves a devastating result.  Thousands of families are now staying in evacuation area for their houses was flooded.  Despite what happened, they still feel blessed because their alive and their families are fine.  They still manage to smile because they are safe.  To them, life is more important above anything else.

Relief goods are given away, some are giving foods for the victims, media, celebrities, politicians, and those who have good hearts that is willing to share their blessings.  God bless their the hearts of those individual who gives time, money, foods and other goods to the victims of flood cause by typhoon ‘Maring’.  I do pray that the flood will be over so the victims can go back to their houses and start cleaning.  It is sad truth but life is like that.  We may experience a very difficult situation but the show must go on.  We must continue living.  God will always there for us.

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Rainbow after the rain

Seeing the damages that the typhoon Pablo caused last December 4, 2012 is so sad.  Thousands of household were swept away, lives of the victims buried alive, root crops, trees and many others were destroyed, the city where the typhoon landfall looks like a ghost town.  It breaks my heart seeing the victims seeking for their missing love ones, looking at the area where their house built and seeing their trees and other plants.  Though it is so painful, I can still see some of them smiling and looking the bright side of what had happened.  I have seen a woman who was interviewed by the media person.  And hearing her inspiring words made me smile.  Though she is sad, still she is thankful to God that her family is intact, which is the most important.

There is always a rainbow after the rain; this is a line from the song.  Simple sentence but if we have to think about it thoroughly, we will realize that no matter how difficult life is for us there is a bright side of everything.  It will end soon and the bright and promising tomorrow will come.  Just don’t lost hope and keep the faith.  God bless to all the typhoon victims.

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Visiting the relatives

The relatives were unfortunately affected by the typhoon Pablo.  We felt so sad about it and wanted to extend our help to them.  Since they live very far from us, the father and my brother will be visiting them.  I wanted to go with them but no one will look after the kids.  I am checking my closet to see if what clothes I am going to give to them.  We are thinking of giving them something aside from our old clothes.  We felt very sorry for my uncle because their house was swept away by the floods but happy because their family is still complete.  Thanks to God.

The victims of the typhoon Pablo are so pity.  We wanted to extend our help also, but we have to prioritize our relatives.  Though we are giving some of our clothes at our church because they are collecting and accepting relief goods and they will send it to the victims.  I do hope that our help will give smiles and hope to their faces.  I know that what have had happened is not easy and so painful to them but with God’s guidance all will be back to normal.

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First time typhoon experience

Typhoon is not new to me because we have experienced it many times already back when I was in the province of my parents.  I know what it’s like so I am not that scared after hearing about the typhoon Pablo that will be going to heat the Mindanao part of the country.  Even though I have experienced typhoon already, it is my first time to experience typhoon herein Davao City.  The country is experiencing several typhoons in a year, but Mindanao provinces are seldom hit especially Davao City.  We are so blessed because we spared from those floods, flash flood, and other disasters brought by typhoon/storm.

December 4, 2012, typhoon Pablo expected to landfall in Mindanao provinces.  There are lots of advisory and news to make the people aware of the super typhoon Pablo.  Weather reports about the typhoon does helps the affected areas to get ready as well as the evacuation areas.  Some are already in the evacuation areas to keep their family safe.  However, the typhoon changed its direction and hit the other part of Mindanao.  People living in the affected areas caught unaware that cause hundreds of houses were swept by flash foods, roofs were swept away, trees were fell, and the water rise up so fast.  And the worse is that many lives buried alive.

Even if the incident is so painful for the people of the affected areas, I hope that they will still look at the bright side of everything.  I hope that they will continue living and moving on.  Though it is not easy and so painful especially those family members buried alive.  Still life is a wonderful journey.  Things like this is part of trials in life, the most important is that how we are going to stand up and continue living after the painful trials and difficulties we have met.

To my countrymen, just keep the faith and hold on to God because He knows, He listens and He will always be there for us.  The pain and the tears will wipe away soon.

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