Going out with the girls

As I promised, today I did treat the girls at the mall after their tutorial class.  As usual it’s the four of us, my sister, the kids and me.  We went to the mall, have fun, buy something and of course our favorite spot, the food court.  After all the walking and a little shopping we treat the kids to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Even if we always go and eat in the same restaurant every time we go out, still the kids wants it.  Never said we try other place to eat for once.lol I wanted them to go to other restaurant but they wouldn’t like.

Well, it was a successful treat for them today and today is the first time I heard them saying, ‘can we go home?’ lol I like the feeling of treating them from my online earnings.  It’s been weeks already that they keep on asking when will I treat them from the blessings from blogging.  We go home with smiles on our faces and stomach as well.

My next project is to treat my nephew and buy something for my brothers.  I pray for more blessings to come because I wanted to share it to my family since they are my inspirations and my wings to fly even more.

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