Short Hair this Summer

It is summer season here in the Philippines.  Weather is expected to be hot and people would like to go to the beach.  Of all the summer that I have experience here in my country this year is the hottest.  Climate changes I must say because the kind of hot right now is like burning fire.  It can cause heat stroke and skin cancer.  That is why people were advice to use protection for our skin and head.  In fashion sense, it is also recommended to have short hair this summer to lessen the heat and the sweat.

I am not following fashion that much but I follow the recommended hairstyle this summer.  Yes, I did cut my long hair because I cannot bare the heat.  This is best thing to do for me to make me feel fresh this summer.  My hair was long for quite some time and I am not used to short hair. Having short hair really makes me feel fresh and not too heavy on my head.  I am happy to have new look now.  I have observed also from people here in my place, they also have short hair this summer.  I must say they are affected by hot weather. Go for short hair and feel fresh even if the weather is hot.

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