Bowling Workshop this Summer

I was at the mall last Tuesday for the moving up ceremony of my preschooler nephew.  After the ceremony, the sister treats us at our favorite fast food chain.  And we went on strolling around the mall and go window shopping after we are done eating.  Even though it is very tiring, it is fine with one because the kids are enjoying it and having fun at the mall.  While at the mall, the lady approaches us and asked us if we would like to enroll the kids for bowling workshop this summer.  There is no registration fee, we just have to show proof of purchase with the certain amount they need for registration.  It is a good idea I think.

The sister and I decided to register the kids for this bowling summer workshop but before doing it, we asked the kids first if they want to try the bowling workshop.  And they all smiled.  The niece and nephews are so excited for the workshop.  We already have the form needed for the workshop.  We just have to fill it up and bring it back to them with the kids on the first day of workshop.  This would be a new experience of the kids this summer.  It is their first time.  And I wish that they will learn and will enjoy their summer workshop.  Good luck kids!

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