Because he is mad

I was at the cashier area at the mall waiting for my turn when the nephew came near to me and pull my hand.  Maybe he wants me to see something that interests him, but I did not mind him.  His face looks angry at me, I just smiled at him and told him to go to his mother.  His mom is sitting on the chair because she got tired from fitting shoes.  Because his mom did not mind too, he came back to me and cried.  I told him to wait till I paid the items on my hand and then I will go with him.  However, he did not like it.  If they want something they will cry till they get what they wanted.  The nephew gets mad of me not going with him, he pulled the stanchion rope that was put in the cashiers area.  haha!  People were shocked after hearing the noise when the stanchion post fell down on the floor.  Kids are kids.  The sister and I look at each other and then laughed. Are we bad?  Well, we were laughing because we did not expect the nephew will do it.

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