What is wrong with you people?

Oh yeah, I am older and I am still single.  I am aware of my status in life, you do not have to remind me that I should get married because I am not getting any younger.  If getting married is that easy, I am married by now.  I mean marriage is a lifetime commitment.  It is not a thing that once you feel you do not like it anymore you just have to throw it away.  If I were to get married I want it to last till forever and the day after forever.  I have said this many times already and I am saying it again to those curious person.

What is wrong with you people?  This is my questions to those who know me and keep on asking me why I am still single.  Oh wait, is that your concern in the first place.  I am irritated when someone ask me this question.  Do you have something interesting topic to ask?  Or are you just so interested of my personal life?  I admit I sound sarcastic sometimes, or all the time when this topic comes up.  I do not have to tell you why and I don’t owe you and explanation.LOL  This is just my rant because of those curious people around me.  I wish they will stop asking me because I do not even know the answer of why I am still single.  Only God knows and I am putting all the plans in Him.  Lord God send the man who is right for me soon.haha!

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