Always brought my Identification Card

Before every time I go out of the house, I do not bring my identification card.  I just brought coin purse, small bag, mobile phone, and handkerchief.  I do not have much on my because I do not like carrying the heavy bag.  I seldom brought my identification card for a reason that I might lose it or misplaced it.  I just put it in my closet to keep it safe.  I have lost my identification card back when I was in college.  It was the bad experience for I have to go to the People’s Attorney Office (PAW) to get the certificate of lost to get a new identification card.  That is the reason I do not bring the Identification card with me.  That was before.

Now, I always brought my identification card with me anywhere I go even if I am going to the market or fetching the kids at school.   This is because the of the President declaring the martial law in the Mindanao.  I live in Davao City, and Davao City is in Mindanao.  The declaration of martial law is due to the crisis in Marawi City.  The terrorist Maute group is spreading Mindanao, that is why bringing identification card is a must for security reason.  Hope that this crisis will be over soon so that the Mindanao will live in peace and harmonious life.

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