Second chance of love

One of the heartbreaking experience of a woman is when the man they choose to love and think that will always be there for her through thick and thin will leave her without any words.  They are like, go with the wind as they say.  Although they have reasons for leaving the girl, it is not good to leave just like that.  No matter how hurtful it is, every girl deserves an explanation.  And for sure will accept and respect your decision.  Because you cannot force a man to love you back when he is fallen for somebody else, or just being the coward to face the current situation.

I am saying this because of my friend.  The guy she chooses to love just disappeared after she told him that she is expecting.  I must say he is afraid to face the responsibility of their actions.  He opted to leave than to be with my friend.  She was devastated but should accept it and continue moving on because she is going to be a mother.  It is the very difficult situation, but with the help of her family she has moved on and stood up from falling.

However, the guy came back after five (5) years and is asking for a second chance of love.  Will she accept him?  I do not know what to answer to her when she asked me of my opinion.  It is her life and it is her happiness.  Everyone deserves a second chance but depends on the situation.  It is really up to her if she will give him a second chance or not.  I do hope that my friend will decide correctly to avoid being hurt again.

If I were to ask you, what should my friend do?

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