Vaccination Orientation

The school where my nephew is studying was conducting a vaccination orientation to all the parents.  This is to help the parents how important it is to their child for protection and prevention.  The parents were asked to bring the baby book of their child to see the vaccination the kid has when they are still babies.  The orientation is indeed very helpful because lots of information has been given and discussed.  The orientation lasted for almost five hours.  Five long hours but it is worth it because the parents are educated on the importance of vaccination to their kids.  As they say, Health is Wealth, so it is very important to take good care of our health always.

The school will give three (3) more vaccination for the kids.  It is for free so everybody must grab this once in a lifetime opportunity.  Though they can have these vaccinations anytime at the pediatrician/doctors, they must pay for it and it is a bit expensive.  The said free vaccination is to be announced once the schedule is fixed.  We will give first the baby book of my nephew so they can see my nephew’s vaccination records.  I am really glad the school offers this kind of opportunity.

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Earthquake drill at school

Due to the series of earthquake incidents in the country and abroad, the school, offices, and other establishments are conducting earthquake drill.  This is to let the people know what they should do when this incident happens.  Also, to avoid panicking and be always ready.  Some government employees are putting markers on the area where there is fault line.  To be honest, I am really scared of earthquake and other natural calamities.  I do not know if I can think straight and do the right thing when that day comes.  I hope and pray it will not happen.

Anyways, today the school where my nephew is studying conducting an earthquake drill.  This is the third time actually.  The first one is not that convincing because some students are laughing and walking like a princess while the emergency siren is on.  They are not taking is seriously.  Good thing they have more than one drill.  The drill today is quiet convincing.  No more laughing though some are not still it is a success earthquake drill.  I saw my nephew is he is paying attention.  He is listening to the instruction of his teacher.  Funny is when I asked him about what they are doing, he answered me “I don’t know”.  He said, their teacher told them to get out and put their hands on their head. haha!

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School Year 2014-2015

The school year 2014-2015 has just started last June 02, 2014. Schools are busy, public vehicles, streets, students and parents. My sister who is a teacher wakes up very early to get herself ready. She has to go to school very early to prepare everything in welcoming her students. A week before the classes starts, she is preparing her lesson plan. She told me that she is 10% ready because she needs to have more vacation. Haha! The two months is not enough because of the seminars she has attended, also the community service. The two months’ vacation was never a vacation for her I must say.

I wake up early on the first day of school because I have to watch the sister’s kids. The nanny isn’t back yet from visiting her friend. I guess she is ready to leave soon. On the first day of school I heard the students singing the national anthem. We live near the school in our village. I can hear the activity at school even the kids shouting. Anyways, I wish the kids a very good luck this school year. I hope that they will do good at school and be good students to their teachers. Also, hope that this school year is good year for all the students and teachers.

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It’s Brigada Time

After two months of vacation, the sister is now back to school for Brigada. Brigada is about cleaning the schools and the classrooms to all public schools. The parents required to come to help the teachers in cleaning the schools and the classrooms where kids enrolled. It will take five days of cleaning. Not all parents can take part in this event especially those working parents.   Just like my brother and his wife. They are both working, so they can’t participate in the Brigada. All parents are required except those working parents. But still they have to give something in exchange for not participating in the Brigada.

The school where my nieces are nephew enrolled posted an item that their parents can give since they did not able to take part in the Brigada. Only the important items listed like floor wax, paint, broom, dust pan, and other items needed for school. My brother will give paint to the teachers of his kids so the classroom will have new paint before the start of classes. Brigada is a good way so they won’t hire someone to do the cleaning. Instead of paying someone to do the cleaning, why not have the parents do it as volunteers. Those who are free and willing to help.

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