Stop pressuring me

Yes, I am single and I am so aware of that.  So, stop reminding me that I should get married sooner because I am not getting any younger.  If marrying is easy, I have done it many years ago.  However, married is a serious commitment.  I want to settle down to a man whom I love and love me in return.  I do not want to get married in a hurry because I do not want to regret it later on.  “Why still single?  When will you get married?”  Even if I am used to these questions, still is pisses me off hearing the same questions over and over.

Many says that I am so picky.  Yes, I am picky, who doesn’t?  Being picky is not a sin, it is just making sure that we made the right decision in life.  We all want the best for us.  And I want that for me.  I am praying to God to give me the man whom I love and love me back.  Anyways, I am saying this because my relatives in the province is keep on asking me.  In fact they are pressuring me to get married sooner because of my age.  What is wrong with my age?arghs!  I am not in a hurry at my age because I am pretty sure that God is preparing the best man for me.  So, stop pressuring me please.  I am happy with my life now, I am waiting for the right man for me.  Hopefully God will send it to me this year.  Amen!

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Visiting the relatives

The relatives were unfortunately affected by the typhoon Pablo.  We felt so sad about it and wanted to extend our help to them.  Since they live very far from us, the father and my brother will be visiting them.  I wanted to go with them but no one will look after the kids.  I am checking my closet to see if what clothes I am going to give to them.  We are thinking of giving them something aside from our old clothes.  We felt very sorry for my uncle because their house was swept away by the floods but happy because their family is still complete.  Thanks to God.

The victims of the typhoon Pablo are so pity.  We wanted to extend our help also, but we have to prioritize our relatives.  Though we are giving some of our clothes at our church because they are collecting and accepting relief goods and they will send it to the victims.  I do hope that our help will give smiles and hope to their faces.  I know that what have had happened is not easy and so painful to them but with God’s guidance all will be back to normal.

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