Start the year right

I am not saying that my 2017 was not right, it’s jus that I am a little lazy when it comes to updating my blogs.  I do not have much time to sit and update my blogs because of the kids at home at keeps me busy.  I felt guilty for not giving much time with my blogs.  My laziness wins most of the time.  Argsh, my excuses.  I am lacking of time last year because I am taking care of my sister’s youngest.  I get too tired at night and opted to sleep that sit down and face my laptop.  Things that I do want to change this year.  I am crossing my fingers and hope to do this right.

Anyways, this year I wanted to start my year right.  I promise to give time in updating my blogs.  Write regularly to give my visitors something new to read about, (if I have a reader…haha!).  More research, and lots of reading to give more ideas on something that I write on my blogs.  I guess I have to buy new reading materials so I have references.  And will read what is the latest news so I will be more updates on current issues to give my opinions and ideas on here, positive views and opinions if possible. *whew!

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