For the welfare of the people

The country (Philippines) is facing a crisis now in Marawi City.  The military operation is continuing and the government military troops has sent to rescue the affected civilians against the Muslim militants named the Maute group.  Because of this crisis, the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte puts the entire Mindanao in Martial Law.  This is to protect the city, country and the people in affected areas.  It is just so sad that some are against the president’s decision for some reason.  Bashing him and said something bad about this.  Even calling the President a dictator.

The war against the Maute group is still on going.  Many troops have sent in Marawi city.  And the anti-duterte group/people are attacking him. I do not really understand why they are doing it and why they are so mad about the president.  Felt like they still can’t accept the fact that their candidate loss during the election.  Instead of supporting the president and praying for the goodness of the country and the people.  The president is thinking of the welfare of the people, no more no less.  The martial law is just temporary until this Maute group crushed.  With God intervention.

I pray that this war will end soon and peace will prevail.  Let us make love not war because we live in the same country, and most of all, we are all brothers and sisters in God’s eyes.   And I thank God for giving us a good and loving president.

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The President in Action

He promised during the campaign period to serve the country and the people.  To make this country a better place to live for everybody and for the future generation.  These are some of the reasons the people of this country voting for him because people have seen the future in him.  His experiences in the local government makes him a better leader and his achievements makes him famous.  Now that he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, people have high hopes that this country will rise again.  The people are counting on him, President Rodrigo Duterte.

The 16 millions votes he got during the election day won’t be wasted because he is the President in Action.  Even though he got many criticisms and some are dragging his name down, he still do his job as the leader of this country.  He does not care of those bad writes up, because his only care is for to serve the people and the country.  His campaign again drugs, criminality and corruptions are doing well too.  Just recently, he visited the areas affected by the typhoon Karen and sends the help to the victims.  He shows that he cares for his people.  And I do not know why some people (anti-duterte) does not see the goodness of his hearts.  I do not understand why others doesn’t accept him as the President of the Republic.  My only hope and pray that those Anti_Duterte will soon realize that he is a perfect leader.  Instead of criticizing, bashing, and making bad writes-up, we should give our support because he is doing his best for this country and the people.  He is a President in Action.

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Just my opinion

One of the most talked about issue in the country is the burial of the former President of the country Ferdinand Marcos.  He is dead more than a decade but not buried yet because the debate if he will be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani (cemetery in the country wherein dead President, heroes, soldiers, etc.) is not yet finish.  The reason many opposes if he will be buried in the said cemetery is because people do not consider him a hero or see him as the former president of the country because of the declaration of martial law during his term.  He was blamed for the missing journalists and activist during his term.  Even though, his supporters still believes and fight for his right to be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

But this issue will end soon because the present leader of the country decided to bury him in the said cemetery.  This was one of his plans (Pres. Rodrigo Duterte) when he was still running for the position of the President.  Debates and rally here and there opposing the decision of the President, but the President is firmed to his decision.  This is to end the gap of the people involved in the issue.  The President, said that he has the right to be buried in that cemetery because once he was the soldier of the country.  And I guess the president is right.  Let us not fight over this long overdue issue.  In my opinion, the President did the right thing.  Past is past, let us forget what happened in the past for us to move on for a better country.

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