The four remaining best teams in the league

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I love watching sports preferably basketball and volleyball games.  I really like watching these games because it requires stamina, strength, wit, and quickness.  Now, I am watching the Premier Volleyball League (PVL) in the country.  It is a re-enforcement conference.  I am happy because I can see local and national volleyball players in the country.  The league is too intense because of their re-enforcement players from other country.  I am sad seeing my favorite team is struggling.  Their records are disappointing after the double elimination round.  Good thing, they still have chances to be in the semi-final round if they will have 2 or more wins games in the quarterfinals.

True enough, my favorite team Creamline Cool Smashers, did make it to the semi-finals.  They still have the chance to be in the finals.  I am hoping to see them in the final round.  The four remaining best team on the Premier Volleyball League, Re-enforcement Conference in the country are, Bali Pure Water Defender, Power Smashers, Pocari Sweat Lady Warriors, and Creamline Cool Smashers.  My favorite team will go against the first seed team which is the Bali Pure Water Defender.  It would be a great battle for my team for they will like breaking down the great wall of China.haha!  The Water Defender drew first blood on their first game.  Hope my team will bounce back on their best-of-3 series.  Good luck to my team and hope they will be victorious.


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