What is wrong with you people?

Oh yeah, I am older and I am still single.  I am aware of my status in life, you do not have to remind me that I should get married because I am not getting any younger.  If getting married is that easy, I am married by now.  I mean marriage is a lifetime commitment.  It is not a thing that once you feel you do not like it anymore you just have to throw it away.  If I were to get married I want it to last till forever and the day after forever.  I have said this many times already and I am saying it again to those curious person.

What is wrong with you people?  This is my questions to those who know me and keep on asking me why I am still single.  Oh wait, is that your concern in the first place.  I am irritated when someone ask me this question.  Do you have something interesting topic to ask?  Or are you just so interested of my personal life?  I admit I sound sarcastic sometimes, or all the time when this topic comes up.  I do not have to tell you why and I don’t owe you and explanation.LOL  This is just my rant because of those curious people around me.  I wish they will stop asking me because I do not even know the answer of why I am still single.  Only God knows and I am putting all the plans in Him.  Lord God send the man who is right for me soon.haha!

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The Papal Visit: Gives Hope to the People

The people’s pope, Pope Francis is visiting the country this week. The country is so blessed to be visit by the Pope. The people are waiting for the coming of Pope Francis. A huge preparation is being made like the Pope Mobile, the place where the Pope stays, the places in the country he will going to visit, the parade so the people will see him up-close and the likes. Everybody is so excited for his visit. I do wish to see the Pope in person; unfortunately my province is not included in the Pope’s list of areas to visit. At least I am able to see his visit in the live coverage.

The papal visit gives more hopes to the people. There are lots of Filipino people hoping that their prayers will be heard and answered. The pope reaching out for the poor and the needy, these are few of the Pope’s characteristics that is why he loved by people. I have seen and heard in the news the Pope’s good doing and I am so glad that he finds time to visit the country. His coming is a big help and inspiration to the poor and the Filipino people. He will give more strength especially to those who are victims of the natural calamities. Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the country, I pray for your safe travel back to Rome.   God bless always!

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Moving to nearby cities and other provinces

Because of the bad memories that the people in affected areas of the super typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan –international name), some people/residents have decided to leave their land and move to nearest city and other provinces.  To them, there is no reason to stay there since their houses was swept away and eaten by the super typhoon.  They only have bad memories and it will be so difficult for them to move on.  It is not easy to live the place where they grow up, but they do not have any choice.  They wish to survive that is why they decided to continue their lives in other place/s of the country.

Though some have decided to stay and continue their lives.  It would be a big struggle to bounce back but with their determination and their family I am pretty sure they will.  It will take a lot of time, efforts and patience I must say.  But knowing the attitude of my countrymen, I am sure they will make it in the future.  Their attitude of not giving up will help them to bounce back.  And to those who decided to leave the town and move to other place, I wish they will be able to move on too and bounce back from the disaster.  After all, life must continue, no matter how hard it is.  Keep moving, move forward and hope for the best my countrymen.

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What’s the reason behind

The other day, the so-called typhoon victims made a rally in front of the government agency in the city.  They are asking for the relief goods that were put on hold by the agency.  They are asking for it because they are hungry for they do not have any foods eat.  It breaks my heart seeing my fellow countrymen force to do such things just to make them heard.  Many have injured and hurt because they forcefully entered the agency to get foods.  They are claiming that the relief goods belong to them and should be given to them.  However, the agency still put it on hold.

Many are asking question of what is the reason behind holding back the relief goods.   Lots of speculation arises regarding this matter.  One of these is the up-coming election, said that some politicians will take advantage of this.  Well, it is not proven yet and I do hope it is not.  Whatever the reason is, I hope that the agency and the government will do their best to solve this issue because many are starved especially those flood and typhoon victims.  It’s been in the news about the victims gone wild because they are starved, been hurt by men in uniform who are also doing their duties.  I do hope that no one is injured seriously and they will have peace talks regarding the issue.  Let us help our unfortunate fellowmen, and give what is due to them.

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OA (Over Acting)

I am so curious about this AMALAYER thing.  I have heard people saying it online, friends, cousins and on television.  It makes me think what does this word mean.  I wanted to ask the cousin about this but did not bother to do it, instead I search online about this word because this word is trending.  I am browsing and searching on the internet about this word and it leads me to a video.   Watching the video made me understand why this word becomes so famous lately.  Honestly, the video made me smiled and irritated.  Smiled because of the woman on the video.  She is trying hard to speak English that makes her so funny to look at.  Irritated because of the way she reacted.  Maybe she thinks that she is better than the lady guard.

What she did is very much humiliating on her, her parents and the school she is enrolled.  It shows like she has no breeding and it does affects her character.  The worse it that many people did watched the video.  I know sometimes, we are carried by our emotions especially when we are angry on something, however, let’s be reminded that the reason our brain is above our heart is because we have to think first before doing certain actions.  I hope that the woman on the video learned her lesson.  Also, the people who watched the video, let’s be calm and be considerate.

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