All-Filipino Cup Final: Rain or Shine Elasto Painter vs. San Miguel Coffee Mixers

I am a big fan of basketball games.  May it be local or international.   I like the intensity and the enjoyment of the game.  I started to like this sport since I was in elementary.  Influenced by my brothers and father who are a big fan of basketball games as well.  Over the years of watching this sport, I have my favorite team and player.  My favorite player back then is Alvin Patrimonio and my favorite team of course is the Purefoods Hotdog, where my idol played.  After he retired, I changed to another team and I have new favorite player.

The team I like now is the Rain or Shine Elasto Painter, where my favorite Gabe Norwood plays.  I like the great team work of the team, their coach and their young.  The first time the team enters the PBA ( Philippine Basketball Association), I immediately like the players because they are all Rockies.  The players have lots of potential, physics, and talents.  The 2014 All-Filipino cup is about to end and there is only two teams left standing.  The Rain or Shine Elasto Painter vs. the San Miguel Coffee Mixers ( former Purefoods Hotdog).  I both like the team, but I cheer more to my new favorite team.  Go go go Rain or Shine, bring home the bacon.  The seven games series will start this Friday, February 14, 2014.  Mark your calendar, cancel you’re Valentines day date. lol

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The tickets were sold out

When I heard that the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) will have a game here in the city, I am so happy because I really want to see PBA game for real.  I am a big fan of PBA since I was nine until now.  I am even more excited to watch because my team will be the one playing.  Woohoo!  I talked to my friend who is a big fan of PBA as well if he could secure tickets for us.  I am planning to go watch with my older brother and him.  He knows someone who can get tickets for us, so I am counting on him.

Unfortunately, three days before the scheduled game, his contact told him that there is no more tickets.  Tickets were sold out.  I felt like crying because it means I am going to miss the chance to watch the game of my team for real and be able to see my favorite PBA players.  I guess it is not the right time yet.  The money that I have intended for the tickets will go to my savings.  Even though I am sad that I miss the chance to watch the PBA game for real, still I have glad that I am saved the money.  I just hope that PBA will have another game schedule in my city and my team will be playing.  That time, I see to it that I will be able to watch it.

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