Family bonding at the park

My brother and my SIL are both working.  Sunday is their free day which they could spend more time with their kids playing, talking and do the bonding.  They used to bring the their kids at the beach since kids do love to swim a lot.  They find it more fun swimming, running on the sand and playing with the waves.  The brother kinda bored doing the same things almost every week, that is why he is thinking of bring his family at the park.  For a change they will do the bonding there.  I guess it is fun because the kids will have wide ground to run, see the beauty inside the park and eating under the tree.  Since their venue of bonding is at the park, I guess the brother needs to buy aluminum picnic tables for them to use at the park.  They can put their things and foods on the table.  They will no longer sitting on the grass for the have table and chairs to use.

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Unwind at the Park

Being at home always is a bore thing.  Even if I do love to stay at home, I think it is best to go out sometimes, have fun and to see breath some fresh air at the park.  Going to park is a nice idea to enjoy and relax.  Good thing is that we do have a nice park here in the city where located near the beach.  A perfect place to unwind and breath the air from the beach.  After church, I asked my sister-in-law to go to the park with the kids.  Nice weather because it is not too hot.  I am glad she said yes and the kids were so excited.  Below are some of the photos I took while we we’re unwinding at the park.


The kids and yours truly.


The kids and their funny/wacky pose.

We did unwind at the park and enjoying our 3 hours staying their. Running, posing, seeing the sea, waves, feeling the air/wind, seeing some animals and eating. It was indeed a fun day yesterday and hope we can do it again next time with the whole family.

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