Wishing her good luck

My niece is in grade 8 now.  She is very excited to come back to school because she misses her classmates and friends.  However, after seeing that she belongs to the first section she is sad and nervous.  She is sad for she missed her grade 7 classmates and friends.  And she is nervous knowing that she belongs to first section.  All of the top students in all sections in grade 7 are now in first grade 8 first section.  I have not seen her this nervous I must say.  Though we do not expect her to be in the top 3, we just want her to her best for we will always be proud of her no matter what.

I can feel the pressure in her after she shared to be her first day of classes and it is not healthy.  I do not want her to feel that way that is why I am giving her my best advice and motivation.  I told her to relax and be calm.  She has to believe in herself and her ability.  Instead of feeling pressure, she has to take it as a challenge.  Her biggest competitor will be her own self.  So, she has to prove to herself what she can do.  Just inhale and exhale so that she can relax and enjoy high school life.  I believe in her and I know that she will shine still because she is determined and has goals in life.  Good luck niece!  Enjoy your studies.  You’re doing great since the day your started your journey in school.  God bless always!

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Wants to be a member of badminton team

When the niece were younger, I do not remember her playing badminton game.  It is not her type so to speak.  She is more into biking, playing rubber, chinese garter and volleyball.  Badminton sport does not excite her at all.  Things changed I must say because the niece now loves to play badminton.  She even asked me once if I have money because she wants to badminton set.  I did not buy her before because I am pretty sure she will not going to use it longer for it is not her thing.

The niece now is in Grade 7.  Their school will be having intramural soon.  She wants to be a member of the badminton team in her grade level.  One of the requirements is to have their own racket to use for practice and in the competition proper.  I thought she already forgot this badminton addiction.LOL  But I like her confidence now.  She used to be a shy type girl but now she wants to go out, explore and try new things.  She is begging me now to buy her a racket.  The timing is bad because I do not have budget for that now.  I want to help her but I do not know where to get the money.  I hope that I will have extra so I could buy her a racket.

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Attending Recollection for her first communion

In preparation for the first communion, the niece together with her father attended recollection.  The parent/s is encouraged to attend too for their kid/s to understand well about the recollection and for them to focus.  The niece is lucky to have her father going with her.  During my time no one is attending with me.  I attended the recollection alone so to speak.  My mother passed away early and my father is busy with his job.  So, I do not have any choice but to go alone.  I do not remember any more about our recollection, the only memories I have is that I go alone.  Even on the day of our communion.

Anyways, the recollection date is so perfect for my brother because it is his birthday.  He attended recollection with his daughter on his birthday, perfect day to reflect and thank the Lord for the gift of life and for another year of life.  The recollection lasted for six hours.  After the recollection they attended a mass and then the brother light a candle to thank the Lord.  I so wish I could attend a recollection on my birthday too.  After the recollection the niece is so ready for their first communion tomorrow.  Her white dress and other stuffs are ready.  I hope I will be able to go with them to take some photos of her.

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Back from the camping

We were surprised when we saw the niece arrived from the camping yesterday.  She was supposed to be going home on Tuesday (Dec. 03, 2013).  Their camping days were cut off to four days because of the bad weather.  It has been raining every night here in the city.  The camp is so muddy and the kids were so dirty.  They could not stay any longer so the days of staying there was cut-off.   Even so, the niece did have fun, meet new friends from different schools and learned something that would help her in gaining more self-confidence.  She enjoyed the memories especially when they went to the famous inland resort here in the city.

The niece is back from the camping yesterday afternoon.  She was so tried and sleepy.  She did not able to arrange her stuffs because she went directly to the bedroom and sleep.  While she is sleeping, her mother unpacked her stuffs.  Checking the things she brought to see if something is missing.  She lost some when she was attending the same camping a year ago.  She was told by her mother to be attentive of her stuffs before she lives.  We thought she would take extra careful this time.  However, the same thing happens.  This time the niece lost her girl scout shorts.  When? Where? and How? She doesn’t know.  Her mother gets mad but it would not help.  The niece was scolded by her mother last night and gets some words of advice.  I do hope that this would be the last and I do hope that she will learn this time.

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Nostalgia : The Brat

I was looking for a memorable photo that I can share for Nostalgia this week. I cannot find a photo of me so I was looking for another photo that is good to remember.   Below is the photo that makes me smile after seeing it in my files.

This is my eight year old niece lasts Sunday at the mall.  She is crying because she wants something that her mother did not approve it.  She is the first kid in the family’s third generation and used to get what she wants.  But this time it is a No from her mother because what she likes is not sensible.  Her sister and brother are enjoying the kids while she is crying in the corner.  I decided to take a shoot of her being a brat for her to remember when she gets older.  A very nostalgia moment for my little brat niece.:-)

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