Start the year right

I have read and heard people saying that they will start the year right after the new year sets in.  Makes me wondering, is there any ways, ideas or procedure in starting the new year right?  To be honest, I am confused and eager to know cause I too want to start the new year right.LOL  I guess we all want to start the new year right, the question is, how are we going to do it? And how to start doing it?  It is easier said that done, as others are saying.  Indeed it is easy to say that we want to reach our goal, but thinking of the trials and struggles, sometimes we want to back out and quit.  That’s the reality of life.

I guess it is best to start the year right by reconditioning ourselves, setting up goals, aim for better future and have lots of patience and determination.  For without these reason it would be very difficult for us to start the year right and easy.  In getting what we want it life, we may face lots of trials along the way, that is why we need lots of patience and determination.  We have to set up our minds on getting what we want.  We have to think positive no matter how difficult the road to get our goals in life.  We have to aim high, and bounce back every time we fall.

How about you?  How do you plan to start the year?

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Wishing everyone a prosperous new year

In less than 48 hours, 2016 will sets in.  People are excited preparing to welcome the new year.  There are lots of traditions to welcome the new year.  Like wearing folka dots clothes/dresses/t-shirts, lots of fruits (circle in shape) on the table, and many others.  These traditions give good luck and blessings for the new year.  We practice this kids of tradition in the family.  We can’t tell that our life is abundant but I can tell that our life better and blessed the year.  Well, everyday is a blessing from God.  May it big or small still it is a blessings that we should be thankful for.

This coming year 2016, I am wishing everyone a bountiful and prosperous new year.  I pray that this year is a wonderful year for everybody.  In our family I wish them good health, happy life, and peace in our family.  Too bad that the family is not complete welcoming 2016.  Even if we are not complete, I wish them all the best in life.  I guess our new year is not as big/abundant just like the previous years, but still we are thankful to God for all the blessings.

Anyways, Advance Happy New Year to Everyone!  Have a Prosperous and Safe New Year!

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Still no firecrackers allowed in the city

It has been years since the former mayor of the city made a law that no fireworks in the city during Christmas and New Year.  This is so to avoid fire incidents caused by fireworks and those individual who accidentally explode fireworks on their hands.  Many likes it especially those who are against of the fireworks.  But those there are also against it, especially those who are selling firecrackers during holiday season.  Everyone is encouraged to just make  noise using other things in welcoming Christmas and New year to avoid accidents in using firecrackers.  I personally likes the idea of new firecrackers to avoid incidents.

This year, the city elected a new city mayor.  New leader and new law will be created.  However, the new elected city mayor is the daughter of the former mayor.  Which means the law that her father is created will remained except for those need to be changed.  Many are glad including me.  SmileyAgain the city will celebrate New Year without firecracker and it is so nice.  Let us make some noise and go dancing on the street again.   Happy New Year Everyone!

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