It is never too late

This week the city celebrates 3oth Kadayawan Festival.  There are lots of activities in the city like street parade, floral float parade, street dancing competition, celebrities and many others.  I wanted to watch these activities in the city but was not able to because I went to the hospital with my father for his laboratory tests.  I missed the Kadayawan Festival celebration this year and I am a bit sad.  I wanted to watch, take some photos and watch the colorful parade of floats.  This is the second time I missed the festival, yes I am sad but family comes first.

I do not want to missed the activities that is why I went to the mall with my sister and her family and my niece.  There are still activity in the mall, and three of my favorite celebrities are there entertaining their fans.  I am so glad I went to the mall because I saw my favorite celebrities.  We did window shopping but I end up buying pants with huge discounts.  It is never too late to enjoy the activities in the city.  I am glad I went there.  Though I missed the street parade, floral float and street dancing, I am not sad anymore because I bought something for myself.

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