Because the nephew poked it

The one year old nephew can walk now and is now busy going to every corner of the house. He touches everything he saw, picking up stuffs he saw and climbing on the chair, center table and on the bed. He is a busy child I must say. We just let him do anything he wants because he is curious in everything he sees. But we always put attention to him to make sure he is safe and not eating anything he saw on the floor. One afternoon, the brother is turning on the radio. He was listening to his favorite songs while taking a short nap. He loves listening to music a lot. It is his favorite thing to do I must say. The nephew was standing in front of the speaker. I bet he is curious of the sounds that come out from the speaker. He saw a pen and poked the speaker. The brother gets angry but what can he do to the one year old kid. Good thing affordable hartkey bass amp is in the market. He can replace his old speaker with new one. In a way, it is a blessing that the nephew poked the old speaker to replace it with new one since the old speaker is in service for years already. Having new one at a lesser price is a good deal.

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His first time to attend a birthday party

Two weeks ago, the sister, two nephews and I went to the birthday of a friend’s daughter. It was the first birthday that the nephews attended. They were so excited when we dressed them up. But when we arrived at the venue, the nephew did not able to enjoy the party. The older nephew is shy to join with the other kids. Even though the music that they play using the orange amps was his favorite, it did not make him dance. His mother tried to bring him at the center with the other kids, but he refuses. He loves to dance a lot at home; however, at the birthday party he was so shy. The other kids were dancing and enjoying the music, and the nephew just watching at them. Although he did not able to enjoy and join with the kids, at least he experience of what a children’s party is. I hope the next time, we’ll be invited the shyness will be gone. To my friend, thanks for inviting us.

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Afraid of Santa Clause

Last week I bought new Christmas tree at home.  The old Christmas tree is three years old already, so I thought of buying new one.  Since I our old Christmas tree is a combination of green and white color, I thought of buying green one this year for a change.  I opted to buy taller one because the kids are getting taller too and I am afraid that the boys will pull it down just like they did a year ago.  Our short old Christmas tree fell down more than 10 times last year.  And because our new Christmas tree is eight feet tall, I need to buy more decoration to make it more attractive and not bare to look at.

I went to the mall last night to but Christmas decorations.  I went with my sister, two nephews and BIL.  I was picking decorations when I found out that the nephew is not on my side.  I look around the area and saw him hiding beside the display rack.  I am wondering what he is doing out there.  He told me that he is afraid of the guy wearing red clothes with blond hair and beard.  It makes me laughed because the nephew is talking about the dancing human size Santa Clause.  haha!  While other kids loves to see Santa Clause and waiting for him to come, the nephew is afraid of him and does not want to see him or come near him.  Instead of buying small Santa Clause to put at home, I decided not to because it scares the nephew.  Maybe when he grows a little older, he will like and will no longer scare of Santa Clause.

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Asthma is here again

The one year old nephew has cried for two days now.  He is vomiting due to severe cough.  He wanted to drink his milk but every time he does he pukes.  Yes, asthma is here again and gives pain to the nephew.  I felt so pity for the nephew.  If I have the power to grab the cough and transfer it to me, I already done it.  I cannot do any household chores because the nephew wants me to just carry her.  He is a bit heavy so carrying him for hours makes me so tired.  I even yelled at him because my arms are really so tired and my ears are sick of his cry.  I know I am a bad aunt that day and I am so sorry for the nephew.  His demands rise up to the boiling point.  My patience d and I am sad because I did not expand it that long because I get mad to the little innocent one.  Even so, I did hug the nephew and said sorry for what I did. I was not able to control my anger because I am so tired.

The nephew now is getting better after the medicine that the doctor prescribed when we went there last Friday to have him check.  Thanks to the doctor for the nephew is getting better now.  No more cries because he is now playing with his cousins.  I hope his condition will get even better soon because it is good to see him smiling and playing tan crying.

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Asthma symptoms

Severe cough at night and vomiting after drinking his milk makes the sister so worried that is why she decided to bring her son to his pediatrician to have him checked.  The sister is nervous when it comes to his son.  She wanted to know the what is really wrong with her son to ease her worries.   It has been months since the last time the nephew infected by cough. The sister is at ease for those months that the nephew is not sick.  The condition that the parents especially the mother wants for their baby because it is not easy when a baby got sick.

It has been a week since the nephew is coughing.  We tried to give him herbal medicine but it does not work.  The sister is so worried that is why we went to the pediatrician’s clinic to check up nephew yesterday.  After the check up, we know that the nephew’s condition is not that serious.  His coughing is a symptoms of having an asthma and allergy.  Not serious because the nephew can outgrow it as he grows.  Only we have to avoid putting powder on his body and any cologne.  Not bad at all.  The sister is now feel at ease because she already knows the reason of his son’s coughing at night.  The pediatrician gives medicine that the nephew needs for his allergy and coughing at night though for him to not vomit.

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