Rhythm to the lyrics

Music played a role in our life because it inspires us, makes us happy, motivates us and more.  There are various kids of music that we can listen to light us up in whatever moods we have.  There is rock music, slow rock,  ballads, love songs, and many others.  We can choose the kind of music we want to hear depending on our mood.  We can even create lyrics because we are inspired.  In other words, music motivates us in so many ways.  Once I created a lyrics while listening to my favorite love songs.  I was inspired that time I must say.  I still have the lyrics and still thinking of what would be the perfect rhythm to the lyrics I made.  If only I have new analog synth it would be so easy for me to compose the right rhythm of the song I wrote.

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Enjoying the Music

Back when she was still a baby, I always played nursery rhyme for her to listen.  They said it is good for the brain development of the baby that is why I am doing it.  As the family is musically inclined even if we are not family singers, I do want my nieces to appreciate and love music as well.  Music’s are the harmony of our souls as they say, and so listen to music be entertained.

My niece is growing fast and she is now eight years old.  Gone are the days when nursery rhymes are always played because right now she likes to listen to the music’s of today.  In fact, she memorized some of it by just listening to the radio.  She can easily pick up the beat and the lyrics of the song.  I can say that listening music at her early age makes her develop the love for music and the passion of singing because she sings even if out of tune.lol I love seeing and hearing her enjoying the music.  Her favorite is Paper Roses.  It amazed me because her favorite is a classic music.  More music exposure and she will be a good singer, I pray because it is my frustration.wink!

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