National day of mourning

44 PNP-SAF commandos killed last Sunday morning on their mission to get the most wanted Marwan, a Malaysian national who is responsible for some bombings incidents. “Misencounter”, “Massacre”, “Trapped”, “Ambushed”, these are the speculations of what really happens on their missions. The 44 Special Action Force where brutally killed, “double-dead”, as what others call it because they shot many times even if they are already dead. They were killed and robbed by their opponents. It was painful and shocking news because of what happened to the SAF commandos knowing that there were peace talk agreement between the government and the rebels.

Today, January 30, 2015 is the national day of mourning of the country for the fallen 44 SAF commandos. They served the country and the people till their last breath. Though the nature of their profession requires their lives, however, by the way they were killed is so inhuman. It really breaks my heart seeing them photos, hearing their love ones, comrades. These 44 SAF were new heroes of the country. They deserved to be remembered by the people and tribute. May they rest in peace and hope that justice will be given to them and to their families. I salute to the fallen 44 Special Action Force!

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