Too young to be a mother

I know that teenage pregnancy is not new to us.  Yes, this case is very common nowadays and some are blaming their parents for the misfortune of their daughter.  As they have said that teenagers nowadays are very much impulsive because of the environment and to the kind of friends they have.  They get what they want to matter what.  Some do the want to listen to some advises because to them they are not being understood.  They mind-set is close for the possible advises.  And because of their very young minds, they make a wrong decision that they will regret it for the rest of their lives.

Just recently, I heard in the new of the 12 years old girl becomes a mother.  Yes, very young and oh well, not new to us.  But one thing that shocked me is that the father of her baby is her own father.  “What!?”   This was the word that comes out from my mouth  after hearing who is the father of her child.  The supposed to be the protector and give  guidance of the girl is the one who ruined her life.  My goodness, how can a father do such thing to his own flesh and blood?  This is one of the questions that people utters after hearing the news.  Too bad that the girl’s future was taken away by her own father.

The girl is too young to be a mother and that makes me so sad.  She supposed to be enjoying her childhood and teenage life.  But now that she is already a mother, those things will be set aside because of the upcoming responsibility that will be embracing her.  Well, having a child is a blessing and I do hope that this little angel will be guided right and will grow up a better individual.

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How far can a she go?

Spoiling a child is never good and will not help the children while she/he is growing.  This is what I have observed from my aunt.  I stayed at their house for five days now and I can tell that their kids do not show any love and respect to them as parents.  Too much love from their kids make them act like they are rich.  My cousins do not like to do any household chores.  And this is purely an example of a spoiling a child instead of teaching them to become a responsible person.  Hearing them how they argue to their parents make me sad because they do not treat their parents part.  My aunt does all the household chores and even doing their laundry.  A big mistake for she raised an irresponsible kids.

Indeed a parents played a big role in molding their kids to become a responsible and a good person.  It is good to spoil a child but not to the extend of giving them any reason to disrespect you as parent especially if they did not get what they wanted.  To raise a child well, is to teach them to do things to make them a responsible one.

I do not know who far can my aunt goes to be like this. Her kid doesn’t respect her at all but still she is allowing it.  I hope that my aunt will wake up and stop those things she is doing for years because her kids are old enough to do their things and be a responsible one because they already have a family of  their own.

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Mother’s Bet

I only have seen the situation in television where the mother would pick the girl for their son.  It is so unfair on their part because they are being judge by someone without even knowing them first.  And also sad because the man they choose to love could night fight their love.  Indeed very sad situation if the man cannot stand to what they believed in and on what they wanted in their life.  Everything that they do and wanted to do should be approved by their mother.  The kind of situation where no one can contradict because they think that mother’s knows best.

I never thought that I will the same situation I saw on television.  I have seen someone who always seeks his mother’s advice when it comes to picking of a girl they want.  He wanted to please his mother always that is why mother’s approval is a must to him and even giving his mother the freedom to choose a girl for him.  It is really unfair and I wish he will realize before it’s too late.

  A mother’s bet is not always best for all of us because at the end of the day, it is us who will decide.  Not all the time a mother is always there and so being independent is best to do.  We are the one who will spend the rest of our life with the person that is why anybody’s choice is not always good for us. 


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The Baby Maker

I have seen in the television about the girl whose way of living is baby making.  She calls herself ‘ the baby maker’.  There are couples that are not fortunate enough to have a baby of their own that is why they hire a baby maker to give them a baby.  There are ways on how to make the baby maker pregnant.  It can be by artificial way or natural way.  The baby maker do not mind it because they used to it and been doing this kind of work many times already.  She likes doing it because of the big amount she got after nine months.  It is an easy work for her and to those who are into this kind of business.

I do not know how they are able to come up with this kind of doings.  I felt pity for them and to the babies she carried in her womb for nine months.  I wonder how they are able to accept it and how they are able to cope up when the day comes that they miss their babies.  The baby maker I saw on the television is crying because she missed her five babies.  She is now sick and her wish is to see her kids and hug them for the last time.  The wish that is impossible to make it happen because most of her clients are foreigners.  Only thing that she could do now is to pray to God and ask for forgiveness for the kind of job she has in the past.  Nothing is impossible with God, I wish her good luck who knows one day they will all meet for real.


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