She made it to the top 3

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I am a big fan of Asia’s Next Top Model.  I am watching this show since it started.  And of course, I am rooting for the country’s (Philippines) representative.  Philippines representative has always been a strong contender.  It always makes it to the top three (3) but unfortunately did not bring home the bacon.  For the past 4 cycles, I am so disappointed because I felt the that the title was rubbed from the country’s bet.  Especially during the time of Monika Sta. Maria.  I really thought that she won that time.  But then again, everything happens for a reason.  Maybe it is not the time yet for the country’s bet to bring home the Asia’s Next Top Model title.

This year, Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 5 started last April 2017.  And they are now down to the top 3 aspirants.   The top 3 models are from Malaysia, Vietnam, and Philippines.  Yes, the country’s representative Maureen Wroblewitz made it to the top 3.  She is come from behind and was bullied but it did not stop her from dreaming that she can do it and she will win for the country.  I am so excited for the season finale.  I hope and pray that Maureen will win for she deserves it.  She is the unexpected contender so to speak.  This year is our year I can feel it.  Good luck Maureen!!!

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