It scares me a bit

One day, I was sitting in our terrace when an old lady selling vegetables in our village came to me and offered to me her vegetables.  I was in the middle of picking the vegetables to buy when she suddenly said if I want her to read my palm.  I am hesitant at first because there are lots of scammers nowadays.  At the back of my mind, maybe she is trying to hypnotize me so that she can go inside our house easily.  But looking at her eyes I think she is not that bad, so I give it a try.  Also, I am curious of what is in store for me in the future.

Anyways, what the old lady told me after seeing my palm scares me a bit.  She told me that I won’t be able to get married.  That I grow old alone.  And if by chance I get married, it won’t last longer.  It’s either, I end up a widower or separation.  How is that?? Scary isn’t it.  Even though I have doubts in fortune telling/teller, it really scares me.  I really wanted to have family of my own, have children and living with the man I love and loves me for a longer time.  These are my dreams.  I do not know what is ahead of me, I will just pray to God that all my dreams will come true.  Besides only God knows what is in store for us in the future.

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What is wrong with you people?

Oh yeah, I am older and I am still single.  I am aware of my status in life, you do not have to remind me that I should get married because I am not getting any younger.  If getting married is that easy, I am married by now.  I mean marriage is a lifetime commitment.  It is not a thing that once you feel you do not like it anymore you just have to throw it away.  If I were to get married I want it to last till forever and the day after forever.  I have said this many times already and I am saying it again to those curious person.

What is wrong with you people?  This is my questions to those who know me and keep on asking me why I am still single.  Oh wait, is that your concern in the first place.  I am irritated when someone ask me this question.  Do you have something interesting topic to ask?  Or are you just so interested of my personal life?  I admit I sound sarcastic sometimes, or all the time when this topic comes up.  I do not have to tell you why and I don’t owe you and explanation.LOL  This is just my rant because of those curious people around me.  I wish they will stop asking me because I do not even know the answer of why I am still single.  Only God knows and I am putting all the plans in Him.  Lord God send the man who is right for me soon.haha!

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