Working like a cow

Last Saturday, the father and I watched iWitness, a documentary show.  The episode is very much interesting because they feature the life of the Mangyan people (living in Mindoro, Philippines).  How they live their lives and how they are able to survive.  They focused on how the young ones work to help their families and going to school at the same time.  They go to school from Monday to Thursday.  They are absent on Friday because that is the day where they do some work to help their family.  They work as a porter.  They carry sweet potato, ginger, taro and banana to the market.  They will get 1.00 peso for every kilo.  So for them to earn more, they have to carry more.  They are working like a cow.

Seeing the way they live and survive each day made me realized that I am so blessed.  We have a decent home, we have work and we do not need to do the things they do to make a living.  Their simple life is very difficult but still they manage to smile and accept the kind of life that they have.  The life that they have isn’t easy I must say.  I salute them for being so brave at a young age.  Their determination to help the family made them stronger.  I so wish that the President watch is watching the show so he can do something to help them.

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