Give love on Christmas day

This is the words that I keep on hearing lately.  A simple sentence but very meaningful to us if we are to dig what this sentence is all about and how does it affect us.  I was walking on the sidewalk two weeks and saw people busy buying gifts for their loved ones, eating outside with their loved ones, and enjoying the day at the park.  This is how they show loves to their loved ones.  I am touch by the thoughts that these people are giving time to spend time with their families and loved ones.  But, what touches me the most are those less fortunate ones on the street, asking foods and money.  Seeing them, makes me realized how blessed I am Lord.  Thank you for the blessing and for giving me, my family.

To me, those less fortunate ones are the ones who need more love and caring.  Their life is so hard and difficult, and they could have a chance, I am pretty sure they would want to change their life to make it better.  Give their family and child a decent life.  But life is so difficult for them.  Each of us has the different life story, I pray that one day their life would get better.  If I have the chance and wealth, I would probably share with them what I have.  These less fortunate once are the ones who need more love this Christmas day.

If you happened to read this post, How would you give love on Christmas day?

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Second chance of love

One of the heartbreaking experience of a woman is when the man they choose to love and think that will always be there for her through thick and thin will leave her without any words.  They are like, go with the wind as they say.  Although they have reasons for leaving the girl, it is not good to leave just like that.  No matter how hurtful it is, every girl deserves an explanation.  And for sure will accept and respect your decision.  Because you cannot force a man to love you back when he is fallen for somebody else, or just being the coward to face the current situation.

I am saying this because of my friend.  The guy she chooses to love just disappeared after she told him that she is expecting.  I must say he is afraid to face the responsibility of their actions.  He opted to leave than to be with my friend.  She was devastated but should accept it and continue moving on because she is going to be a mother.  It is the very difficult situation, but with the help of her family she has moved on and stood up from falling.

However, the guy came back after five (5) years and is asking for a second chance of love.  Will she accept him?  I do not know what to answer to her when she asked me of my opinion.  It is her life and it is her happiness.  Everyone deserves a second chance but depends on the situation.  It is really up to her if she will give him a second chance or not.  I do hope that my friend will decide correctly to avoid being hurt again.

If I were to ask you, what should my friend do?

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Does age really matters?

In our society, when it comes to love relationship it is very hard to accept when the couple has big age gap. Old carabao eats young grass, as they say.   But no matter how they call it, the involved people don’t mind it. What is important is the feeling they felt to each other. Besides it is very common nowadays as girls/ladies prefer older guys. However, if the older one is the girl it is a different story. People find it like a survival case. Because younger will not take it seriously. It is more of a financial issue. Partially it is true that make the sorry sad.

Anyways, I am saying this after watching a dram with this story. It is really sad for a guy to show and express it because people around them will always have a doubt of his true intention. This is happening in real life too and it is really a sad story. I admit I have put myself in this situation and i do not think I can handle it properly. Even though they would say not to think of others opinion, still it would affect the relationship. Watching the drama makes me think, does age really matters?

If you will be in this situation, would you fight for your love and happiness?

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The love is still there

The love story between Kris Aquino (actress, host) and James Yap (basketball player) is known to the public.  They were so open about it.  Many accepted it, loves it and some are criticising it.  To them, people’s opinions are not important.  What is important is their love for each other, feelings for each other’s and their family’s supports.  They were blessed with one son.  Just like an ordinary married couple, they also have encountered problems, the problems that lead to broken married.  Unfortunately their love story has ended after nice years of being together.  They live separate lives now.

Time heals all wounds as they say.  After arguing and fighting, they have decided to be friends for their son’s sake.  They are patching everything and accepting that they are not meant for each other.  They both have partners now and happy with their life.  However, seeing both of them in the interview, I can tell that they still love each other.  They still care for each other but it is not for them to share.  It is best for them to remain as friends for now.  But who knows, maybe they will end up together again.  Nobody can tell, only God knows what is ahead of them.  Since the love is still there, they can start again someday when they are still single.

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If the feeling is gone

Sharing the same feeling with someone is the best experience each individual could ever have.  To show it by how much we love and care for that person.  Nothing compares the happiness this feeling brings to every individual in the world.  It is the kind of feeling that we want to tell the world of how great to feel love and be loved.  It is so sad to know that with all the effort we have given, there are things that made the feeling dies so suddenly.

Sometimes in our life, we just woke up and suddenly felt nothing at all.
I have always believed that we have to follow our intuition because it gives us hint of what happen behind our back.  Living in lies is unfair that is why telling the truth and be honest to one’s being is the best thing to do.  If the feeling is already gone, it is best to lay all the cards and be honest to each other.  Others are too scared to do it and that hurts the most.  The most painful part of every relationship is to know that the feeling that both shared has gone.  Even though it hurts, we have to accept it because it is part of life and part of growing up.

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