The President in Action

He promised during the campaign period to serve the country and the people.  To make this country a better place to live for everybody and for the future generation.  These are some of the reasons the people of this country voting for him because people have seen the future in him.  His experiences in the local government makes him a better leader and his achievements makes him famous.  Now that he is the President of the Republic of the Philippines, people have high hopes that this country will rise again.  The people are counting on him, President Rodrigo Duterte.

The 16 millions votes he got during the election day won’t be wasted because he is the President in Action.  Even though he got many criticisms and some are dragging his name down, he still do his job as the leader of this country.  He does not care of those bad writes up, because his only care is for to serve the people and the country.  His campaign again drugs, criminality and corruptions are doing well too.  Just recently, he visited the areas affected by the typhoon Karen and sends the help to the victims.  He shows that he cares for his people.  And I do not know why some people (anti-duterte) does not see the goodness of his hearts.  I do not understand why others doesn’t accept him as the President of the Republic.  My only hope and pray that those Anti_Duterte will soon realize that he is a perfect leader.  Instead of criticizing, bashing, and making bad writes-up, we should give our support because he is doing his best for this country and the people.  He is a President in Action.

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Just an observation

A week ago the DILG Secretary of the country died due to plane crashed.  It was an unfortunate accident that took the DILG Secretary and the two pilots lives.  A very sad news for their families.  But no one has to blame because accidents do happens in a surprising way.  The country is mourning because of the loss of a good government officials.  THe DILG Seacrety Jess Robredo was known to be a good politician, a friend, a father, husband and an asset to the present government.  His plans to serve the country and help the country stops after his death.  His sudden death is a big lost to the country and the government.

The recent accident made me realized that the country is not meant to be governed by good leader.  Why am saying this? Because it reminds me of what had happened to former President R. Magsaysay, the lost of the Ninoy Aquino, the ousted former President Erap, and other good leader that wants to serve the country fair and just.  Seems like every time there is a good leader or a public officials that wants the best of the country were death or impeached from their positions.  Not all though because there are official that was impeached because of doing things that are against the law.  Anyways, this is just my observation and realization.  I am still hoping and praying still that this country will improved and develop into a better country and wishing the good leader will soon govern the country fair and just.  May the Lord God blessed the country.  Also, rest in peace late DILG Secretary Jessie Robredo.

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