Bowling Workshop this Summer

I was at the mall last Tuesday for the moving up ceremony of my preschooler nephew.  After the ceremony, the sister treats us at our favorite fast food chain.  And we went on strolling around the mall and go window shopping after we are done eating.  Even though it is very tiring, it is fine with one because the kids are enjoying it and having fun at the mall.  While at the mall, the lady approaches us and asked us if we would like to enroll the kids for bowling workshop this summer.  There is no registration fee, we just have to show proof of purchase with the certain amount they need for registration.  It is a good idea I think.

The sister and I decided to register the kids for this bowling summer workshop but before doing it, we asked the kids first if they want to try the bowling workshop.  And they all smiled.  The niece and nephews are so excited for the workshop.  We already have the form needed for the workshop.  We just have to fill it up and bring it back to them with the kids on the first day of workshop.  This would be a new experience of the kids this summer.  It is their first time.  And I wish that they will learn and will enjoy their summer workshop.  Good luck kids!

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No to durian candy for now

Many were rushed to the hospital due to food poisoning caused by durian candy in Surigao del Sur.  After eating the durian candies that were sold to them on the streets the victims suffered from vomiting and dizziness.  Most of the victims were kids at  the school.  It says that a man sold the candy in the school at a very cheap price.  The incident is very alarming because 6 towns in Surigao del Sur were affected by this poisoning caused by durian candies.  I am worried if this candies were spread in some parts in Mindanao.

Because of this incident, I told to the nieces and nephews not to buy durian candies on the streets, and in the store selling durian candies for now.  To be more safe.  Prevention is better than cure, as they say.  Of course the kids reacted because durian candy is one of their favorites.  I have to explain to them why I prohibit them to buy and eat durian candy for now.  Anyways, the investigation is going on.  This incident will be cleared and will explain to the people why this candy becomes poisonous.  Hopefully the durian candy be cleared so we can continue eating one of our favorite candies.

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Confronted the neighbor

I always reminded the kids not to fight and quarrel other kids.  I told them to be friendly and not be mean.  I do not want them to grow up bullying other kids and being mean.  As much as possible I want them to be friendly and treat others the way they want to be treated.  I know that their innocent mind gets influenced easily. that is why I always reminded them.  I watched them interacting and playing with other ks.  When they become mean, I get their attention right away and tell them what they did is wrong.  I told them to say sorry for what they did.  I trained them to say sorry when they hurt someone even to their cousins, siblings and older to them.  As the home is our first school, I am trying to be a good teacher to them since their parents are both working.

I am a calm person, as much as possible I do not want to confront the parents/guardians when the kids are fighting/quarreling.  But after seeing the wounded face of my nephew, I did not able to control myself.  I hurriedly went to the neighbor and I raised my voice.  It gets me so sorry seeing the face of the nephews.  I did get mad at the child.  I have forgiven the child three times already, fourth time is too much for me.  I need to give the child a lesson.  The neighbor child is being so mean and bad to my nephew several times already.  Confronting the mother is the right thing to do for her to teach her child some manners and to teach her daughter  to be nice and friendly to other kids.

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Going out with the girls

As I promised, today I did treat the girls at the mall after their tutorial class.  As usual it’s the four of us, my sister, the kids and me.  We went to the mall, have fun, buy something and of course our favorite spot, the food court.  After all the walking and a little shopping we treat the kids to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  Even if we always go and eat in the same restaurant every time we go out, still the kids wants it.  Never said we try other place to eat for I wanted them to go to other restaurant but they wouldn’t like.

Well, it was a successful treat for them today and today is the first time I heard them saying, ‘can we go home?’ lol I like the feeling of treating them from my online earnings.  It’s been weeks already that they keep on asking when will I treat them from the blessings from blogging.  We go home with smiles on our faces and stomach as well.

My next project is to treat my nephew and buy something for my brothers.  I pray for more blessings to come because I wanted to share it to my family since they are my inspirations and my wings to fly even more.

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