Common Health Problem

The organs in our body are very important.  That is why we have to take good care of it for if it is damaged, there is no replacement and no treatment.  And one important organ in our body that needs extra careful are the kidneys.  The kidneys played the very important role in our body.  It filters waste and extra water out of our body, regulates blood pressure and the likes.  These are the jobs that the kidneys in our body.  Unfortunately, we tend to forget, or people are not so aware of the importance of kidneys in our body that is why the common health problem of today is kidney malfunction/kidney trouble that leads to dialysis.  Two friends and one cousin of mine died because of kidney malfunction.

This kidney malfunction/trouble is a very scary problem/disease.  A doctor said, once you undergo dialysis, you are considered dead.  We get this problem/disease through our long-term bad habits and our lifestyle choices.  Meaning, we are the one who damages our kidneys.  It is not too late though, we can save our kidneys.  All we have to do is to cut our bad habits like, smoking, holding in your urine, avoid eating junk foods, eating salty foods, eating fast foods, not drinking enough water, too much alcohol consumptions, soft drinks, taking unprescribed medicines that will damage the kidneys and many others.  We should start living a healthy lifestyle for us to live healthy and longer.  As they say, health is wealth.  How can we be successful in life if our health and body are weak?

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