Because I am busy doing my stuffs online

I spent most of my time facing the computer, updating my blogs, talking to my friends online and the likes.  I love doing it since the day I started blogging and earning.  These are my daily routine apart from taking care of the kids and doing some household chores.  I did not notice that I am like a superwoman. Not the superhero or something.  I considered myself a superwoman because I manage to do those things in a day.  Makes me tired but happy knowing that my days were fruitful even if I am just at home.

However, there are things that have changed and I did not notice it happens until now.  I am doing updates in my blogs when I felt that my stomach is empty.  When I looked at the clock, I was shocked that it is already 3 O’clock in the afternoon and I haven’t taken my lunch yet.  OMG! My eating time have changed.  I forgot to eat on time because I am busy doing my stuffs online, which is not good because it is my health that is at stake.  While having my lunch, I am thinking of the things that have changed since the day I started blogging.  I realized that it is not just my meal time have changed but also my sleeping habit.  I sleep late and wake up early lately.arghs!  This is not good and I want to make a change again.  I want to bring back the old ways that I used to do.  I have to eat and sleep on time.  I hope to change this soon.

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Awesome deals to grab

Despite of the campaign that cigarette smoking is dangerous to our health, still there are individual who loves to smoke to release tension.  I have asked smokers about what satisfaction can they get from doing so and most of their answers are it releases their tension and they also feel relax after smoking.  I also asked the brother and I got the same answer.  And smoking has becomes part of their daily living.  To them doing what they love to do is wonderful feeling.

Since smoking has become part of their daily lives, I think it is best to pamper themselves with one of a kind cigars that would give them a good feeling.  It is good to experience a cigars with a sweet taste and cool feeling.  There are awesome deals to grab online and smokers would surely love to have.


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The habit of nail biting

I noticed my habit of nail-biting when I was in college.  It was my first day as first year college when the teacher call us one by one to introduce ourselves and say something about ourselves.  Mind you, my hands are shaking and I look pale.  Seems like I am going to enter a battle. Smiley  I do not have self-confidence I must say.  To me, college is the most scary part of my student life.  Lots of reporting and oral recitation makes the nail-biting becomes my habit.  I am aware that it is not right but I cannot help it.  It’s just happens simultaneously.

As the nail-biting becomes my habit, I always does it even when I am applying for a job.  I know it will not makes a good impression to the company but it is difficult to stop it.  In fact I do not realize I am doing it.  This is the habit that I want to break but I cannot control myself of doing it.  Though I am trying my hardest to break this habit because it is really bad.  Even if I am talking to someone and I felt tense, I just do it without minding it. Smiley I am still battling on how to get rid of this bad habit of mine.  And I hope that this will be gone forever.  It made me think of a song Hard Habit to Break.

How about you people?  Do you have bad habit that is very hard to break?


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