Good to see you again ladies

It has been three years since the last time the three of us have our first bonding.  It was one of the happiest moment of my life meeting them.  I never thought that we became friends for I have known them first through blogging.  Yes, we are bloggers but they are better than me.  Anyways, few weeks ago, I get the chance to see them once again.  Even if I do not feel well, I still go and meet with them.  Meeting them happens once in a blue moon because one of us living far from us.  She has to travel hours to reach our city.

We talked and laughed a lot.  Too bad our time is limited, Nancy has to leave for another appointment (char!).haha!  Anyways, thanks for the time Nancy and Kat.  It was really nice seeing the two of you again.  It was a nice bonding too bad Nancy has to leave early.  Well, there is always a next time.  And when that next time comes, I hope we have more time to chitchat because we have lots of things to talk about.  We are bunch of talkative individuals I must say.haha!  Lastly, thanks for the treat ladies!

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Loving their company

When my nephew is transferring to new school, I felt a bit sad because I am going to miss those friends I meet.  I won’t be able to see them and will surely miss their company.  The friends I meet in the old school my nephew attended are nice, funny and lovely.  I can say that we have something in common, which is to laugh/smile.  No dull moments when I with them.  We interesting topics that I treasured a lot.  Our group is a mixture of single parent, happily married mom, young mom and single (that’s me).  So you can picture out those topics that we have discussed and I have learned a lot from them.

In the new school where my nephew attended now, I meet new sets of friends.  It took us four months to finally become closer.  Three are older than me and two younger than me.  The six of us has different stories to share that makes our group interesting.  All we all love to laugh.  I am glad I meet them because they inspire me especially the oldest (60 Years old) in our group.  I learned many things from them.  They teased me sometimes because I am the one who is not yet married.  I just laugh at them because I am used to it.  Even though they teased me, still I am glad I meet them.  I really enjoyed their company.  Thank you God for the new sets of friends.

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In the circle of married women

I have shared in my other blog that I have gained friends at the school where my nephew enrolled. I am glad that to have found new friends, the friends that I can talk to face to face because most of my friends now are from other side of the world. I haven’t seen them for real. But even so I can tell that they are good friends and pure person. It is awkward sometimes because my new founds friends are married. Yes, I am in the circle of married women. I like their company because they are jolly, loves to smile and easy to be with which I like so much because I love to smile a lot.

Being with the married women is exciting because I learned so many things about their life. Though there are topics that I cannot relate. I just listened to them and maybe if given the chance to get married and have my family, I know some things that I can apply in the future. They tease me sometimes but I do not mind them because I love my life now and besides I am not in a hurry even if I am in the mid 30’s. I just pray to God that He will give me the man who I deserved, the man who I love and love me back. Being in the circle of married women is so different compared to my friends who are single and I love the experienced.

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Having a good time with my friends

When I was still in college, one of the good memories that I have with my friends was when we to go a place where we can sing-a-long and have a good time. We are not singers nor have a good voice, but we do love to sing and we hit the notes in fairness to us. Anyways, I said it is a good memories because we sung and our voice is really nice because we are using the best condenser mic. We feel like we are real singers and having our first ever concert. It has been years since the last time we did it and I really missed it. I hope that we could do it once again when we are not easy with our lives. I really hope soon because I missed my friends very much.

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Calling me Miss Friendship

Few days ago my friend and I are chatting while updating our blog site.  We have been friends for a decade now and still counting. Our friendship has ups and downs but we are able to manage that made our friendship lasted this long and still counting.  We both are blogging for more than a year now.  She stops for a while because she is very busy on her offline job.  We have met different bloggers from other country and became our friends.  I love making friends and be a friend to others because friends will always be there if we needed help.

I have joined groups of bloggers, making friends on Facebook, blog dropping and commenting.  Because these ways I have gained more friends online.  I am happy about it because these blogger friends that I have met online gives me tips on how to stay longer in blogging.  Also they give me domains, free blog theme and many others.  It is really good to have friends here because we get things that are for free.  I am glad that I meet blogger friends with a kind of heart.  This is the reason my friend Ada call me Miss Friendship.   Thanks very much Ada, to me you are Miss Friendship too.

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