Celebrities at the Festival

Even though they are like ordinary human beings like us, still many are idolizing them because they are television personality. They are pretty and handsome I must say that is why many are mimicking them. Following what they wear, eat, drink, do, and the likes. Well, these are the things that an avid fan can do to support their idol. This is what I have seen from my cousin before. Every time her favorite TV personality is having a show in the city, she will go no matter what it takes. That is how she supported her idol.

Last Kadayawan Festival here in the city, there are lots of celebrities are visiting the city and joined the parade on the streets, have events in the mall and park to be with their fans. I have wantched once before and it is so tiring I must say. I stopped doing it after the first experienced. I am not saying that it was a bad experience; just that it makes me very tired and decided to stop. They are still my idol though. The fans do not mind if it is so crowded, as long as they are able to see their idol. That is why they always took the opportunity to see their idols for real in the festival.

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Top 5 music festival venues in the world

Music festivals can be extremely expensive but amazing events! If any of the ones in this list take your fancy but you want to save money then use a Ticket Liquidator Coupon Code and get yourself to a festival!

Summerfest – This is the world’s largest music festival, and many feel it is the ultimate. This event is much more than simply a music festival, with many available activities, including the notorious fire display on the opening night to experience, along with over 700 performers. The event takes place in the vast Henry Maier Festival Park, Milwaukee, and last 11 fun-packed days. With all proceeds going to good causes, Summerfest should be top your to-do list. The likes of Katy Perry and Kanye West featured last year, so expect big names this year too!

Glastonbury – As Britain’s most traditional music festival, Glastonbury is a must-attend gig lasting a weekend in the South-West England. The event has a great history, stretching back to 1970, and has a reputation for having a live atmosphere…even when it’s pouring with rain! Glastonbury has many stages, with a variety of acts performing ranging from Folk music to Hip-Hop music. Glastonbury is a unique experience, with an attendance of over 150,000 people, as well as great line-ups, previously including Beyoncé, Coldplay and Jay-Z.

Fuji Rock Music Festival – This Japanese festival should be top of the to-do list due to the surreal surroundings of the festival. It takes place in Naeba Ski Resort, known for its beautiful scenery, making the atmosphere and experience of the event truly stunning. The event is Japan’s largest outdoor event, with exceptional service and clean facilities. Despite focusing mainly on a rock line-up, anyone would enjoy the exceptional uniqueness of the event.

Sydney Festival – Taking place in Australia’s largest city, going to the Sydney Music Festival is a great way to explore Australia’s wonderful culture. With the festival attracting 500,000 people, you will adore the laid back atmosphere in the beaming sunshine. Displaying a diverse range of musicians, dancers and other artists, the festival hosts immense talent. The festival is in the heart of Sydney, meaning you can also discover the wonders of the city.

Oktoberfest – One of the major European festivals is Oktoberfest, held in Munich, Germany. This runs in September and October every year, lasting 16 days. This festival has a rich history, influencing many other festivals including Summerfest. The festival is very popular, attracting more than 5 million people each year, from many different countries. The festival is renowned for its large amount of beer consumption, meaning an energetic atmosphere is expected.

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26th Kadayawan Festival

Today the city celebrates the 26th Kadayawan Festival.  The festival of giving thanks for the bountiful harvest of fruits, flowers and other plants planted by farmers.  There was a long parade and street dancing participated by at least 11th tribes of Mindanao.  One highlight of the celebration is the street dancing competition participated by different schools here in Davao City and other parts of Mindanao.

I remember the time when my school is participating and I was picked by the choreographer to be in the group.  It was one memorable day of my life participating in the street dancing.  Witnessing the parade today reminds me when I was there dancing.  It has been 20 long years to be exact.  Too bad we do not have a camera that times to take some photos as remembrance.  All the memories are registered only in my mind and will remain forever.

I bring my nephew and nieces with me to watch the parade.  I am so happy that they liked it.  I even told my eight years old that my sister and I once  participated in the street dancing contest.  I also told her to participate when given the chance because the feeling is great when you are able to participate and be part of the celebration.  My nieces just laughed at me.  I hope one day they can, just like my sister and me 20 years ago.

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