Reminiscing his first love

My father’s first love is not a person.  It is the love for music and the love of playing guitar.  Yes, guitar is his best buddy when he was a teenager.  Every time he feels sad, lonely and happy, he expresses it through playing with the guitar.  Now that he is old, all he can do is reminiscing the times when he was young and playing his 6 string acoustic guitar.  He can’t play guitar anymore because his fingers are not in good condition due to gout arthritis.  Every time he sees my younger plays guitar, he smile because it reminds him of his teenage life.  He may not be able to play guitar anymore, but he can sing while my brother is playing.  Wonderful father and son bonding so to speak.

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Razor for my father

Every time I go out, I expect that my father will ask me to buy him something.  He is like the youngest child in the family.  haha!  Sometimes he will tell me to buy burger, bread, soap, brief, and anything that he needs.  Seldom he ask me to buy him a razor because the last time I bought him one, he did not like it.  I mean he is angry because the one I bought is not the one he used to.  I just gave the razor to my brother and refunded my father the exact amount of the razor.  This is the reason I do not like to buy something for them because when he say NO, he really meant it.

Recently, I noticed that the father seldom shaves his beard.  When I go over his things his razor is dull and has stained.  This maybe the reason he is not shaving his beard.  And he cannot go to the supermarket because his arthritis is visiting him and he cannot walk properly.  I felt sad for my father and I thought of buying him a new razor.  And because he is quite picky, I guess I have to pick a good quality of razor like the merkur safety razor. I am pretty sure that he will like it this time and would even say thank you to me.

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