Give love on Christmas day

This is the words that I keep on hearing lately.  A simple sentence but very meaningful to us if we are to dig what this sentence is all about and how does it affect us.  I was walking on the sidewalk two weeks and saw people busy buying gifts for their loved ones, eating outside with their loved ones, and enjoying the day at the park.  This is how they show loves to their loved ones.  I am touch by the thoughts that these people are giving time to spend time with their families and loved ones.  But, what touches me the most are those less fortunate ones on the street, asking foods and money.  Seeing them, makes me realized how blessed I am Lord.  Thank you for the blessing and for giving me, my family.

To me, those less fortunate ones are the ones who need more love and caring.  Their life is so hard and difficult, and they could have a chance, I am pretty sure they would want to change their life to make it better.  Give their family and child a decent life.  But life is so difficult for them.  Each of us has the different life story, I pray that one day their life would get better.  If I have the chance and wealth, I would probably share with them what I have.  These less fortunate once are the ones who need more love this Christmas day.

If you happened to read this post, How would you give love on Christmas day?

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Secure your Life, Get an Insurance

Life insurance company is always there to serve and help people in securing their life.  Insurance is for everybody who has the capacity to pay the given terms.  Because life insurance is important for future needs, there is insurance company who expands their services by opening another branch in other country.  I have a t friend who is now living in Spain with her family.  We haven’t seen each other years but every time we both online, we talk and shares our life.  The next time I saw her online, I will ask her if she and her family has life insurance.   To secure to our life as well as the family is important for future needs and so getting life insurance is the best thing to do.  I will tell her about the seguro de vida for her to have an idea about what would be the good life insurance to get for her and her family.  We must be ready for possible emergency in the future.  So, wherever you are and what race you are make sure you have the right life insurance.

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