Registered for the school year 2018-2019

My nephew is five (5) years old now.  He is eligible to enroll in Kinder 2.  We want him to enroll in the school where his older brother is studying, but he must pass the entrance examinations.  It is a very nice school and the teaching is standard, that is why my sister (their mother) wants her sons to be in that school.  The problem is that the nephew is a shy type, seldom talking especially if he is not familiar with the person and too lazy to write.  Things that he needs to develop to be able to pass the entrance examination.

His scheduled examinations will be on March 5 and 10, 2018.  We still have time to teach him and have him practice writing his name.  We used all the motivation for him to have interest in writing and we bring him anywhere where he can meet new people and kids.  He is also scheduled for a tutorial for one week before the examinations.  We really wanted him to be in the school for it is the perfect school for him to develop more and learn more.  Also, we will pray to the Lord that the nephew will pass examinations.  Nothing is impossible with God so that we are asking His divine intervention on the day of the examinations.  Good luck nephew!

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Excited of the result

Anytime this month, the result of the entrance examination test of the nephew at the new school will be released.  We are so excited of the result and hoping that the nephew passed the the examination.  I have seen parents comparing the results of their kids right after the examination and they have higher scores compared to my nephew.  My nephew got high scores as well, but not as high as theirs.  I am crossing my fingers that the nephew passed because he likes the school.  The school is really nice and have good product of students.  Also, it is the school that my sister (nephew’s mother) is dreaming for his son to be enrolled.

Out of 300 examiner, the school will get 100 students only.  We really pray that the nephew will be part of the top 100.  All the sacrifices, efforts and time spent teaching the nephew will be paid off if he makes it.  It will be an answered prayer when the nephew will make it.  The sister went to the school last week to check if the result is out but not yet.  It thrilled us I must say.  I am crossing my fingers for the result.    My nephew keeps on telling me that he wants to be in that school, I like to believe that it is a sign that he passed.  Pray to God that he passed.

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