No one really knows when the world will ends

Few days ago, there was total lunar eclipse and the full moon will turn reddish. This is also called the Red Moon. There are saying that it would be the end of the world, the Lord will come, bad things will happen, evil will come out, etc. Some are basing their beliefs on what is written in the bible, and what the oldies are saying. Many are panicking, preparing for the worse thing happens and prefers to stay at home. However, some go out and witness the total lunar eclipse that causes the red moon. It is a big event to them and they do not want it to just slip away without seeing it. It is an opportunity we shouldn’t miss, as they say.

To be honest, I am not really familiar with this red moon. I don’t remember hearing this sort of things before or back when I was younger. I am aware of the lunar eclipse though. Honestly, I am so curious to see this red moon, and planning to see it when it happens. Unfortunately, I was not able to see it because I am busy on that day and forgot about it. I have only seen the red moon and heard how it was on the news. Even though I am a bit sad not to see it, but I am happy that nothing bad happens during the red moon. No one can really tell except God when He will come, when the world will end, etc. Let us just be ready always, live life to the fullest, repent, and pray.

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Has nothing to do with the end of the world

The knowledge I have about this Ebola virus disease is only based on the news that I have heard almost every day. This is a deadly disease and is spreading in some places in the world that makes people scared. The affected persons are increasing every day that makes this disease really scary. The country (the government) is doing everything to be free from this virus/disease. The people from the affected areas/places/country are not allowed to enter the country until this virus/disease is cleared. The country is just being cautious since this virus is deadly and difficult to cure.

With all the calamities, war/conflict between nations, and diseases, many say that the end is near. We people living in this world are given the chance to repent because the end is near. Even though there is no proof that the world will really end. The truth is no one really knows when will the world ends, or will it really ends. We just have to be ready all the time. In opinion, these things have nothing to do with the end of the world. These are just the outcome of how we live, how we treated the nature, people, and the likes. I hope and pray that this disease will be treated soon and those affected person will be treated and recovered soon.

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