World Teacher’s Day

Every fifth day of October, we observes World Teacher’s Day.  This is an annual celebration started since October 5, 1994.  This is a very special day for the appreciation of the teachers special contribution in the community particularly in the field of education.  They educated the student to have good future, helping the students in developing their skills, and sharing their knowledge to the future generation.  They played very important role in molding the future generation of the country/world.  Celebrating the teachers day is one way of thanking our dearest teachers taught us and remembering their big contribution in our life.  Of we become after education.

Today in World Teachers Day.  Schools in the city have their little program for teachers.  Students are giving flowers, cards, foods, chocolates, balloon and the likes.  My sister receives lots of flowers, cookies and chocolates from her students.  My nephews and nieces bought something for their teachers too.  Small presents are not enough for all the sacrifices, efforts, patience and time the teachers give to their students.  During this day, I always remember my teacher and professors before.  They taught me many things.  Part of who I am now is because of them.  I am forever grateful to my teachers.  God bless all the teachers in the world.

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Scared to go to college

As we all know education is very important to us.  It is the only wealth the no one can take it away from us and the only wealth that will bring us to where we want to be.  It is also the key to our success.  That is why we have to focus and be sincere to study our lessons and do well at school.  Being a student isn’t easy.  We should have determination, dreams, eagerness, efforts and patience to keep us going.  We will be able to face trials, challenges, and difficulties that might think us to stop/quit but without these hardships we won’t be able to taste the sweet fruit of success.

This is the reason the sister wants the nanny of her sons to continue her college.  Though she likes her and doesn’t want her to leave, but the sister also thought that she won’t be forever be a nanny.  She needs to spread her wings and fly to make her dreams/goals in life come true.  And to make it possible, she needs to finish college.  However, she is scared to go to college.  It is normal I guess because that is how I feel when I first entered college.  But eventually she will be able to overcome it and will love it.  We are encouraging her to pursue her studies because she is young and she will need this wealth (education) to achieve her dreams and ambitions in life.  We do hope that she will change her mind so the sister will enrol her this semester.

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For child’s development

I supposed we all know that our first education starts in our own home, the parents are the first teachers and the first school is our house.  The environment where we grow, learn simple things like good values, interacting with others and respectful human beings.  Therefore, parents played the big part in educating the child since the day they were born.  What they taught will carried by their child/children as the young ones are the big imitator.  I can say this because my nephews and nieces are big imitators.  I have to be careful of what I say, I do, preach, etc, because I do not want to put not so good input in their minds.

Anyways, I am saying this because the kids today are not so good at school.  I did not say all, but many are disturbed because they are more hooked into playing and games on the internet.  It does influences their growing mind because some games is too harsh for their innocent mind.  As much as possible, I do not my the nieces and nephews to indulge them with these kinds of games.  These are not good for their development.  Instead, I want them to have nursery books, toys, and classes at home in a form of playing.  By these ways, the child’s development is good and will make them appreciate more about the importance of education and learning.

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