So called the big one

My city ( Davao City) is experiencing series of earthquakes for the past week.  It is scary because other parts of Mindanao was hit my earthquake and it leaves huge damaged to the people, houses, and infrastructure.  Because of the series of earthquakes that happens in Mindanao, many speculates that the city might be hit my magnitude 7 within this week and they call it the big one.  There are warnings and seminars are being conducted to let the people know and be aware when that day comes.  People should be aware of what they are going to do when this so called big one comes.  People are scared and some are being paranoid.

Just this week, there is a letter that circulates in the social media telling that the big one might hit the city of Davao within February 24 to March 8, 2017.  And in the letter, people were advised to be ready always, things to buy, what things to put in the bag, flashlight whistle, and the area where the people should go when the big one comes.  I received the letter in my social media account and it really scares me.  There are lots of things that comes in my mind.  I felt sad seeing my nieces and nephews when this magnitude 7 earthquake hits the city.  But really, no one knows when and if this so-called big one comes or true.  I hope and pray that this is not true.  If I were to ask, I pray that this will not happen.  God is still powerful and only Him knows what will happen to us all.  We just have to be ready always.  Pray to God, keep the faith and believe in Him.

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Earthquake drill at school

Due to the series of earthquake incidents in the country and abroad, the school, offices, and other establishments are conducting earthquake drill.  This is to let the people know what they should do when this incident happens.  Also, to avoid panicking and be always ready.  Some government employees are putting markers on the area where there is fault line.  To be honest, I am really scared of earthquake and other natural calamities.  I do not know if I can think straight and do the right thing when that day comes.  I hope and pray it will not happen.

Anyways, today the school where my nephew is studying conducting an earthquake drill.  This is the third time actually.  The first one is not that convincing because some students are laughing and walking like a princess while the emergency siren is on.  They are not taking is seriously.  Good thing they have more than one drill.  The drill today is quiet convincing.  No more laughing though some are not still it is a success earthquake drill.  I saw my nephew is he is paying attention.  He is listening to the instruction of his teacher.  Funny is when I asked him about what they are doing, he answered me “I don’t know”.  He said, their teacher told them to get out and put their hands on their head. haha!

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7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Yesterday morning, some part of the country where shaken by 7.2 magnitude earthquake.  The supposed to be a happy day because it is a national holiday is turned into a nightmare to those affected areas especially in the province where my parents grew up.  It was a sudden incident and many are shocked.  The epicenter of the quake is in Carmen, Bohol.  Seeing the damages breaks my heart.  We have just visited the place while the family is having our summer escapade/vacation.  What really break my heart are the damaged old churches.  As we all know one of the countries old churches is found Bohol.

Since this is a natural disaster, we just have to accept it.  Everything happens for a reason as they say, whatever the reason is, only God knows.  Although this is really painful to the victims and the people who are affected, however, life must go on.  The most important is that they are still alive.  It is unfortunate to those who died, may they rest in peace.  My father already contacted our relatives in Bohol and it is good to know that they are alright and they are safe.  People are experiencing series of aftershocks; I hope and pray that this will be over soon.  Let us all pray to God because He is our great refuge.

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Intensity 3 yesterday

I was bring the kids to their morning nap when I felt the house is shaking.  I went out of the room at asked my father if there is an earthquake.  The father and the brother also felt the earthquake.  Though it happened for  few minutes only, still it scares me.  Lots of negative thoughts in my mind.  I remember the earthquake that shakes Japan and caused the tsunami.  I just grabbed the kids and wait till the shaking is gone.  After the shaking is gone, a friend message me on yahoo messenger telling me that there was an earthquake.   And also, read on some social media sites.

In the news later that day, I learned that the earthquake that hits the region is intensity three.  Thanks to God for the earthquake is not that strong and heavy even the epicenter.  And there is no serious damage that happens.  Even though the earthquake is just intensity three, it does scares the people especially kids at school.  My sister told me that her students are crying, carrying their bags and ready to go out of the classroom.  Good thing the sister was able to control her students and bring them back to their sits.

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Earthquake hits the country

The country was very saddened yesterday because of the 6.9 earthquake that shakes some parts in Visayas and Mindanao.  It is so sad to know that there are properties that are damaged, lives are taken and some are missing.  Because of the high magnitude earthquake, there was a landslide in some parts of Visayas that caused the damaged of some properties and lives.  The quake was so sudden that makes the people in the affected areas are panicking and running here and there.  The worse is that when they heard a tsunami alert from the PhiVolcs that scares the people.  Many are rushing to the higher part to be safe with their families.  Good thing is that the tsunami alert was false alarmed.  People went back to their homes after the earthquake.

The rescuers are still looking for any survivor in the areas where landslides happens.  Looking at the damaged that the earthquake caused made me sad because some of the affected areas are not fully recovered from the typhoon that hits the area December last year.  People are still coping up from the lost of properties and lives and now another calamities are hitting them.  Indeed, when it rains it pours.  But despite of it all, we should be thankful to God that we are still alive.  It is still a blessing to be alive.  God won’t give us trials that we cannot handle, just keep the faith and believing in Him.


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