Hope my determination will keep me going

Losing weight is part of my new year’s resolution for three consecutive years.  But I was not able to get what I am aiming for or even get closer to my desired weight.  I end up failing myself and it is so frustrating.  I do not have the determination to push it through because I get easily tempted with yummy and delicious foods.  I know that it is all in the mind.  It is the matter of controlling oneself.  Sad to say I do not have the will to fight back the craving for foods.

I must admit I am a rice eater that is why I have the difficulty in losing weight.  I can’t just be contented with fruits, vegetables or flakes only. My stomach is looking for the usual meal intake.  But, this time I am determined to meet my goal of losing weight.  I am used to heavy breakfast but since I want to lose some weight, I opted to shift it to noodles only.  It is not easy at first because I don’t feel full.  I just drink lots of water plus fruits to fill in the space to make me feel full.  I have been eating noodles for breakfast for more than a month.  I am not yet use to it but soon I will.  And when I do, I will transfer to crackers/flakes for meal time except lunch.  I hope I can continue do this forever. whew!

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I am serious now

I have always told myself I have to lose weight and burn the fats in my belly.  I have also tried different diet methods, pills and teas but I end up to zero.  It is very frustrating I must say thinking of the time and efforts I have spend and end up nothing.  I guess the problem is me.  I am not too determined to give up those tempting foods.  I cannot say no to one of my favorite things to do which is eating.  I am blaming myself because I do not have that discipline in terms of eating a lot.  I like to lose weight but cannot give up my passion to eat.

Thinking of the things that I have done in the past just to lose weight makes me sad.  And I want to make it happen now and be serious.  Yes, I am serious now and I hope that this is for real.  Goodbye to yummy foods, welcoming eat less method and self-discipline in eating.  It is really up to me now, if I want to do it now and be serious of doing it for once.  This is it; I can do this, will surely do this and make this happen this time.  wink!

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Crashed Diet

I started gaining weight back when I was in college.  Because of the hectic schedule and my research works I eat a lot and do not want to stop.  I find the relief in eating after the stressful research works.  Later then I realized my school uniform is very tight to me.  I wish I could get back the time but couldn’t.  I have to accept the outcome of eating too much.  Gaining weight is very easy but losing is never easy and I have to do something about it.  To burn the fats and bring back the medium size body built that I used to have.

I have tried exercising and stopped because it makes me hungry and end up eating a lot.  I also slimming tea and dieting pills but I failed.  I do not know but it won’t stop me from eating a lot especially fatty foods.  Out of frustration, I tried crashed diet.  Even though I heard many bad things about crashing diet, still I tried it hoping that I get what I wanted.  Truly enough I get something doing it but not the thing I expected to happen.  I had fever for almost two months and double the frustration. It is really true that you will never know things unless you tried it.  I have tried it and I can say that crashed diet is never good.

Therefore I conclude losing weight depends on the determination, willingness and discipline of the person to do it.  Right now I am trying to do these three things I have mentioned and I hope I do it right.  Wish me luck! wink!

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