Visited A Developmental Pediatrician

The sister is so worried of her younger son.  He will turn three in two days but still can’t speak fluently.  The sister has read books about the development of a child and signs of autism.  We have visited pediatrician before and told the doctor about the nephew’s condition.  The doctor told us to give him time, maybe his development is just slow.  We took the doctor’s advice.  One year has passed and still can’t speak fluently.  The nephew has little improvements though but the sister is so worried because she is planning to enrolled her youngest this coming school year.

The sister has sought an advice to some of her friends and colleagues that has the same experienced.  They suggested that the sister should visit a developmental pediatrician.  I told the sister to give more time to her son, but the sister cannot wait for another year.  Today we visited a developmental pediatrician.  We did not able to talk to the doctor though but we already have an appointment this April. Yes, the doctor is so busy.  Her January to March schedule is full.  Hopefully the nephew will get better when he starts the treatment.  I am so excited to have a conversation with my beloved bubbly and handsome nephew.

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