Dengue Fever

I was once a victim of dengue fever and thank God I never experience the worse.  I easily recovered after a week of treatment.  I must admit it really scares me to death.  I came to the point of thinking the worse.  I even told my older sister that I do not want to die yet.  At first I thought it was just a simple fever but when had severe headache, I told my father to bring me to the doctor.  Good thing I was not admitted.  The doctor told me the things to do, medicines to take and told me to drink lots of water and energy drink (gatorade to be exact).

Dengue fever is one deadly infection/disease that is threatening the people in my country (Philippines).  There are lots of dengue cases in my city now, and the local government is declaring a dengue outbreak.  There are 25 reportedly died of dengue fever in my city.  And this is really scary.  People are encouraged to help in cleaning their area, houses, offices, stagnant water, and many others.  Dengue fever is no joke.  I have seen on the news the young victims of this deadly disease and it is really sad.  Let us help the local government in solving this dengue fever disease.  And let us save our precious life.

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