32nd Kadayawan Festival


The city celebrates the 32nd Kadayawan Festival. This is an annual celebration in the city of Davao.  The most celebrated events in the city.  The city government is doing their best to make this festival a success.  People are expecting much this year because the country’s president is coming from the city of Davao.  The highlights of this event are the street dancing competition, the floral parade, fluvial flute, Kadayawan Dome/Square, the different ethnic groups and their houses built-in one of the parks in the city and many others.  This is the first time that the city is showing the different ethnic groups in Mindanao and people are so excited to see it and take photos of the different houses.  Indeed, it is a much see highlights of the event.  Tourist will surely enjoy their stay in the city for the Kadayawan festival.

The day before the big event, we went to the city with the kids to see the activities in the city and of course took some photos.  The kids did enjoy our short tour at the park.  We do not worry about the bad things might happen because the city is so secured.  Policemen and arm forces of the Philippines are there to make sure the safety of the people and the city.  The festival celebration was a success and people who went to witness the event going home smiling.  We did not see the real street dancing and the floral parade because it is so crowded.  We just watched the live coverage on television.  The highlights of the event are awesome.  The festival was a success I must say. Looking forward to the next Kadayawan Festival.

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The 80th Araw ng Dabaw

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The city of Davao (Dabaw), Philippines will celebrate 80th Araw ng Dabaw.  The Araw ng Dabaw will be on March 16, 2017.  The city of Davao prepare a three long week of celebrations.  There are lots of activities happening in the city that is for the people of Davao and tourists.  The celebration will showcase different city’s cultures from locals to other counties.  Because there are lots of foreigners living, doing business, settling in the city of Davao.   There are presentations from Japanese community, Chinese community, Indonesian Consulate and Indian community.  There is also performances about the city’s history.  Exciting indeed!

But the highlight of this celebration is the parade on the street wherein people will be able to see city’s different ethnic groups, street dancing, celebrities from national, kids dancing, and many others.  Everybody is looking forward for this one of the big event in the city of Davao.  I grew up loving this event.  I did not want to miss this event when I was young.  The only difference is that I do go to the street to watch the parade personally, I just stay at home and watch the live coverage of the parade.  Also, this is the perfect time to shop because there are lots of sale at the mall.  Stores are offering good deals like giving huge discounts on almost all items.  My sister and I planning to go to mall and grab this chance to buy the items/products that we want at a very low prices.

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So called the big one

My city ( Davao City) is experiencing series of earthquakes for the past week.  It is scary because other parts of Mindanao was hit my earthquake and it leaves huge damaged to the people, houses, and infrastructure.  Because of the series of earthquakes that happens in Mindanao, many speculates that the city might be hit my magnitude 7 within this week and they call it the big one.  There are warnings and seminars are being conducted to let the people know and be aware when that day comes.  People should be aware of what they are going to do when this so called big one comes.  People are scared and some are being paranoid.

Just this week, there is a letter that circulates in the social media telling that the big one might hit the city of Davao within February 24 to March 8, 2017.  And in the letter, people were advised to be ready always, things to buy, what things to put in the bag, flashlight whistle, and the area where the people should go when the big one comes.  I received the letter in my social media account and it really scares me.  There are lots of things that comes in my mind.  I felt sad seeing my nieces and nephews when this magnitude 7 earthquake hits the city.  But really, no one knows when and if this so-called big one comes or true.  I hope and pray that this is not true.  If I were to ask, I pray that this will not happen.  God is still powerful and only Him knows what will happen to us all.  We just have to be ready always.  Pray to God, keep the faith and believe in Him.

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Made the people scared

Few days ago, a bomb exploded in Davao City, during the night market at Roxas Avenue.  It was one scary night for the people who is at the area enjoying the services, foods, affordable RTW goods, and the likes.  The supposed to be a fun and relaxing night for the people of Davao turns into a nightmare.  There are 14 died and 70 wounded.  Some are still battling  for their lives till now at the hospital.  The family of the victims are in tears and their hearts are turned into pieces.  I really do not understand why some people are doing this to hurt other people.  I wonder what satisfaction can they get from doing this kind of crime.

The bombing incident last Friday makes the people of Davao scared.  Plus there are lots of bomb threat in schools, public markets, malls, parks, and churches.  People are avoiding the crowded area to be safe, and advice to stay at home for the mean time for their safety.  The investigation of the bombing incident is on going, hopefully the police will get to the bottom of this and arrested the responsible person/s doing the crime to give justice to all the victims.  I am praying this act of terrorism will stop to achieve peace for us to live in peaceful and harmonious life.   Instead of doing harm to others, I pray that God will touch the hearts of those heartless person so that LOVE and CARE for each other will prevail. Amen!

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My Kadayawan Festival Experienced

Last week the city celebrates the Kadayawan Festival.  The festival that the City of Davao celebrates to give thanks for the bountiful harvest.  This is one event that the people of Davao City is waiting for annually.  This festival is very special to me because once I experienced the street dancing.  It was one of the most memorable moments of my high school life.  Seeing street dancing during the Kadayawan Festival brings back the time when I was there dancing with people watching and do not mind the heat of the sun.  It was tiring and thirsty experienced but worth it I must say.  And I will treasure that experienced forever.

Anyways, the memories brings back again because its Kadayawan Festival again.  I witness the street dancing with my friend.  Too bad I was not able to watch all of the participants because I get busy at home.  I make sure to finish all the chores at home before going out.  Also, get the kids settle first because I will be around to look for them.  The city is so colorful because of the colorful costumes of the participants.  It was really nice watching the kids dancing on the street smiling even under the heat of the sun.  The contenders/participants now are really doing their best to win the first prize.  Yes, the street dancing is a contest.  Being able to dance and make people happy while watching is a priceless moment, they are all winners to be able to participate.  Kudos to everyone!  Till nest Kadayawan Festival.

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