Affected by technology of today

I was having a conversation a while ago with an online friend.  He is running a printing business for years now and he is so sad because his business is getting slow each year.  His business is affected by the technology of today because most people do the printing by themselves using their computer and printer.  The clients he used to work with their business cards are not contacting him anymore.  And his business right now is in the bad situation.  He thinks of closing it and venture to another business but still thinking about it because he has to consider the economic problems of the country.  Not a good timing to start a business because of the unstable economy.

It is so sad to know that after running the business for years, he will have to close it.  He felt badly for the business as well as to the people who are working with him.  But he has no choice but to do it especially if the business is not earning enough.  The new technology to help us in many ways and we are glad about it.  But it does affect some businesses especially the small one.  I guess this is the right time for us to use the technology of today to earn online with the help of this technology using the computers.

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Tons of Emails

I was not able to come online for a day because of some issues in my internet connection and now I have tons of emails.  Mostly are from people I do not even know.  Spam emails as they say.  I have several emails that tells I won million dollars from the lottery.  It would be an awesome letter to read if it is true but sad to say it is a spam.  How can it be true if I did not even bet in a lottery.  If I know any way to block those spam emails I would.  Problem is I am not genius when it comes to computer thingy.  I only know basic which is to delete those unwanted and spam emails.

I will for sure find a way to block those emails that caused the overloading of my inbox.  I am sick and tired of deleting those emails everyday, and I wanted to get rid of them for once.  It would be a big relief if I can get rid of them finally.  It made me crazy deleting the same emails over and over again.  Does anyone knows how to block unwanted and spam emails?  I would be glad if you can share to me how to do it.  Thanks very much!

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Reformat my computer

A week ago my brother asked permission to me to use my computer for an hour.  Out of the goodness of my heart, I yes said.  He downloads something from internet to his USB.  My brother is a computer graduate so I trust him about downloading and installing files from the internet to my computer or USB.  After he is finished, I took over and start to do my online stuffs.  I was just started when the browser always not responding and computer hanged up.  I run the virus scan only to find out it has two viruses. I am so mad but there is nothing I can do about it.

I do not want my computer and other files are damage by the virus, I contacted the technician to reformat my computer.  It is another expense for me but I have to do it.  It is really bad timing because I am trying to save money.  I just wish my brother will give a share for the professional fee of the technician.  I do not know when the technician is come because he has work to do.  I just soon he will come soon to reformat my computer.   I wish I know how to reformat to save some money.

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